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Nanoscale Device Characterization Division Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
David Gundlach Division Chief david.gundlach [at] Fed
Erik M. Secula Deputy Division Chief erik.secula [at] Fed
Erik M. Secula Division Safety Representative erik.secula [at] Fed
Leeanna Hopkins Administrative Assistant leeanna.hopkins [at] Fed
Leeanna Hopkins Division Office Manager leeanna.hopkins [at] Fed

Advanced Electronics Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Jason Campbell Group Leader jason.campbell [at] Fed
Leeanna Hopkins Group Office Manager (Acting) leeanna.hopkins [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Akin Akturk akin.akturk [at] Assoc
Bryan Barnes bryan.barnes [at] Fed
Jason Campbell jason.campbell [at] Fed
Jhih-Wei Chen jhih-wei.chen [at] IntlAssoc
Kin (Charles) Cheung kin.cheung [at] Fed
Caroline Colangelo caroline.colangelo [at] Fed
Trey Diulus john.diulus [at] Fed
Robert Gougelet robert.gougelet [at] Assoc
Valerie Hoang valerie.hoang [at] Assoc
Jiung Kim [at] IntlAssoc
Yanghyo Kim Assoc
Andrei Kolmakov andrei.kolmakov [at] Fed
Joseph J. Kopanski joseph.kopanski [at] Assoc
Karthik Krishnan karthik.krishnan [at] IntlAssoc
Benjamin Lyon benjamin.lyon [at] Fed
Ory Maimon ory.maimon [at] Assoc
Hamdi Mani Assoc
Philbert Marsh Assoc
Yaw S. Obeng yaw.obeng [at] Fed
Hyomi Park hyomi.park [at] IntlAssoc
Shashi Poddar shashi.poddar [at] Assoc
Sujitra Pookpanratana sujitra.pookpanratana [at] Fed
Abhishek Sharma IntlAssoc
Pragya Shrestha pragya.shrestha [at] Fed
Martin Sohn martin.sohn [at] Fed
Karthik Sridhara karthik.sridhara [at] Fed
Evgheni Strelcov evgheni.strelcov [at] Fed
Yu Xin Wen yuxin.wen [at] IntlAssoc

Alternative Computing Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Jabez J. McClelland Group Leader jabez.mcclelland [at] Fed
Melissa Chambers Group Office Manager melissa.chambers [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Temitayo Adeyeye temitayo.adeyeye [at] IntlAssoc
William Borders william.borders [at] Fed
Matthew Daniels matthew.daniels [at] Fed
Robert Edwards robert.edwards [at] Assoc
Sidra Gibeault sidra.gibeault [at] Assoc
Imtiaz Hossen imtiaz.hossen [at] IntlAssoc
Benjamin Klein benjamin.klein [at] Fed
Brenton Knuffman brenton.knuffman [at] Assoc
Advait Madhavan advait.madhavan [at] Assoc
Jabez J. McClelland jabez.mcclelland [at] Fed
Stephen Moxim stephen.moxim [at] Fed
Daniel T. Pierce Assoc
Liam Pocher Assoc
Mohammad Mushfiqur Rahman mohammadmushfiqur.rahman [at] IntlAssoc
Karthick Ramu karthick.ramu [at] Fed
Joseph Riem joseph.riem [at] Assoc
David M. Rutter david.rutter [at] Fed
Jason Ryan jason.ryan [at] Fed
Adam Steele adam.steele [at] Assoc
Mark Stiles mark.stiles [at] Fed
Elise Treat elise.treat [at] Fed
Osama Yousuf osama.yousuf [at] IntlAssoc
Brandon Zink brandon.zink [at] Assoc

Atom Scale Device Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Garnett W. Bryant Group Leader garnett.bryant [at] Fed
Maggie Varnon Group Office Manager maggie.varnon [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Tommy Boykin tommy.boykin [at] Assoc
Garnett W. Bryant garnett.bryant [at] Fed
Brian Courts brian.courts [at] Assoc
Arpit Dua arpit.dua [at] IntlAssoc
Nikki Ebadollahi nikki.ebadollahi [at] Assoc
Fan Fei fan.fei [at] IntlAssoc
Srilekha Gandhari srilekha.gandhari [at] IntlAssoc
Mark-yves Gaunin mark-yves.gaunin [at] Assoc
Michael Gullans michael.gullans [at] Fed
Paul S. Julienne paul.julienne [at] Assoc
Vijith Kamalon Pulikodan vijith.kamalonpulikodan [at] IntlAssoc
Vijin Kizhake Veetil vijin.kizhakeveetil [at] IntlAssoc
Svetlana Alexandrovna Kotochigova svetlana.kotochigova [at] Assoc
Runze Li [at] IntlAssoc
Yan Li [at] IntlAssoc
Arthur Lin arthur.lin [at] Assoc
Connor Lin connor.lin [at] Assoc
Keyi Liu keyi.liu [at] IntlAssoc
Pradeep Namboodiri pradeep.namboodiri [at] Fed
Maicol Ochoa maicol.ochoadaza [at] Assoc
James Owen james.owen [at] Assoc
Christian Pederson christian.pederson [at] Assoc
Matthew Pelton matthew.pelton [at] Assoc
Joshua M. Pomeroy joshua.pomeroy [at] Fed
Eva Rissanen eva.rissanen [at] Assoc
Brynn Schierenbeck brynn.schierenbeck [at] Assoc
Richard M. Silver richard.silver [at] Fed
Alexander Skripnik Ctr
Michael Stewart michael.stewart [at] Fed
Emily Townsend emily.townsend [at] Assoc
FNU Utsav fnu.utsav [at] IntlAssoc
Christopher White christopher.d.white [at] Assoc
Jonathan Wyrick jonathan.wyrick [at] Fed
Pooja Yadav pooja.yadav [at] IntlAssoc
Dilek Yildiz dilek.yildiz [at] IntlAssoc

Nanoscale Device Characterization Division - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Herbert S. Bennett herbert.bennett [at] Assoc
Melissa Chambers melissa.chambers [at] Fed
Elizabeth Graham elizabeth.graham [at] Fed
David Gundlach david.gundlach [at] Fed
Leeanna Hopkins leeanna.hopkins [at] Fed
Jeanne Kilpatrick jeanne.kilpatrick [at] Fed
Hannah Lee hannah.lee [at] Fed
Erik M. Secula erik.secula [at] Fed
Maggie Varnon maggie.varnon [at] Fed
Amaya Wilson amaya.wilson [at] Fed

Nanoscale Processes and Measurements Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Nikolai Zhitenev Group Leader nikolai.zhitenev [at] Fed
Amaya Wilson Group Office Manager amaya.wilson [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Steven R. Blankenship steve.blankenship [at] Fed
William Cullen william.cullen [at] Assoc
Sabyasachi Das sabyasachi.das [at] IntlAssoc
Robertus Elbertse robertus.elbertse [at] IntlAssoc
Hilfred Fernandez Ctr
Fereshte Ghahari Kermani fereshte.ghaharikermani [at] Assoc
Joseph Hagmann joseph.hagmann [at] Assoc
Paul M. Haney paul.haney [at] Fed
Rishav Harsh rishav.harsh [at] IntlAssoc
Rajibul Islam rajibul.islam [at] IntlAssoc
Sungmin Kim [at] Assoc
Oleg Kirillov oleg.kirillov [at] Fed
Son Le son.le [at] Assoc
Farzad Mahfouzi farzad.mahfouzi [at] Assoc
Joshua Nagle Ctr
Fabian Natterer fabian.natterer [at] Assoc
Ruihao Ni [at] IntlAssoc
Valery Ortiz Jimenez valery.ortizjimenez [at] Fed
Curt A. Richter curt.richter [at] Fed
Robert Rienstra robert.rienstra [at] Assoc
Joseph A. Stroscio joseph.stroscio [at] Fed
Nishat Sultana nishat.sultana [at] IntlAssoc
Daniel Walkup daniel.walkup [at] Assoc
Fei Xue fei.xue [at] Assoc
Muqing Yu IntlAssoc
Nikolai Zhitenev nikolai.zhitenev [at] Fed
Neil M. Zimmerman neil.zimmerman [at] Fed

Nanoscale Spectroscopy Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Christina Hacker Group Leader christina.hacker [at] Fed
Elizabeth Graham Group Office Manager elizabeth.graham [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Adam Biacchi adam.biacchi [at] Fed
Emily Bittle emily.bittle [at] Fed
Sean Blakley sean.blakley [at] Assoc
Alan Bristow alan.bristow [at] Assoc
Andrea Centrone andrea.centrone [at] Fed
Chad Cruz chad.cruz [at] Fed
Giuseppe Fumero giuseppe.fumero [at] IntlAssoc
Kaden Gammon kaden.gammon [at] Assoc
Katelyn Goetz katelyn.goetz [at] Fed
Christina Hacker christina.hacker [at] Fed
Edwin J. Heilweil edwin.heilweil [at] Fed
Devon Jakob devon.jakob [at] Fed
Aaron Katzenmeyer aaron.m.katzenmeyer [at] Fed
Michele Kelley michele.kelley [at] Fed
Christine McGinn christine.mcginn [at] Fed
Robert D. McMichael robert.mcmichael [at] Assoc
Swapnil Mhatre swapnil.mhatre [at] IntlAssoc
Nhan Van Nguyen nhan.nguyen [at] Assoc
Georges Pavlidis georges.pavlidis [at] Assoc
Jeremy Schultz jeremy.schultz [at] Fed
Jeffrey Schwartz jeffrey.schwartz [at] Assoc
Jared Wahlstrand jared.wahlstrand [at] Fed