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Michael Gullans (Fed)


Clifford-Deformed Surface Codes

Arpit Dua, Aleksander Kubica, Liang Jiang, Steven Flammia, Michael Gullans
Kitaev's toric/surface code and its numerous variants provide promising approaches to practi- cal quantum error correction (QEC). As recently discovered, a

Logical quantum processor based on reconfigurable atom arrays

Dolev Bluvstein, Simon Evered, Alexandra Geim, Sophie Li, Hengyun Zhou, Tom Manovitz, Sepehr Ebadi, Madelyn Cain, Marcin Kalinowski, Dominik Hangleiter, J. Pablo Bonilla Ataides, Nishad Maskara, Iris Cong, Xun Gao, Pedro Rodriguez, Thomas Karolyshyn, Giulia Semeghini, Michael Gullans, Markus Greiner, Vladan Vuletic, Mikahil Lukin
Suppressing errors is the central challenge for useful quantum computing and quantum error correction is believed to be the key to large-scale quantum
Created September 15, 2020, Updated December 8, 2022