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From the food we eat and the pharmaceuticals doctors prescribe to the paints and fuel additives we use, the NIST develops the technology, measurement methods and standards to address the needs of the chemical industry.

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In the foreground of this diagram, multi-colored pins with different-sized pinheads stick out of a surface at varying angles. In the background, a rectangle displays a fuzzy pattern of blue, green, red and pink.

Molecules Have an Orientation, and Scientists Have a New Way to Measure It

EET animated gif

Research on the Rocks: Combining Neutrons and X-Ray Imaging, NIST Scientists Study Meteorites to Explore the Mystery of How Earth Acquired Its Water

Near a set of belching smokestacks sits a diagram of the structure of a metal-organic framework, with open spaces holding carbon dioxide molecules trapped inside.

This Simple Material Could Scrub Carbon Dioxide From Power Plant Smokestacks

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