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Plastics, carbon nanotubes, high-strength alloys, artificial bone and joint replacements are just some of the emerging materials for which NIST develops testbeds, defines benchmarks, and develops formability measurements and models.

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JARVIS-ML is a repository of machine learning (ML) model parameters, descriptors, and ML related input and target data. JARVIS-ML is a part of the NIST-JARVIS

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a bullet inside a small glass vial

How the JFK Assassination Bullets Were Digitally Preserved at NIST

They were long, round-nosed rifle bullets. Their copper metal jackets had the dull color of a worn penny, giving testimony to their age. The gun-barrel rifling impressions on their sides were typical of a bullet fired from a military weapon: four grooves and the resulting ridges called lands — all these marks twisted toward the right by the barrel’s internal rifling. Alongside the bullets were
A grayscale scanning electron microscope image of a human hair with the letters N-I-S-T across it.

NIST Finds a Sweet New Way to Print Microchip Patterns on Curvy Surfaces

An oblique overhead view of a purple square with nine red dots arranged in a 3x3 array in the center of the square.

NIST’s Grid of Quantum Islands Could Reveal Secrets for Powerful Technologies

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Research on the Rocks: Combining Neutrons and X-Ray Imaging, NIST Scientists Study Meteorites to Explore the Mystery of How Earth Acquired Its Water

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Life Cycle Assessment of Plastics

Thu, Dec 8 2022, 3:00 - 4:30pm EST
This webinar will present the results from two studies on life cycle assessment of plastics sponsored by NIST's Circular