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Mathematics & Statistics


Using the latest mathematics approaches and computational methods, researchers at NIST provide state-of-the-art contributions that assist industry and academia in tackling some of the most difficult scientific, technical, and engineering problems and tasks.

The Research

Projects & Programs

High Performance Computing

Our High Performance Computing (HPC) program enables work on challenging problems that are beyond the capacity and capability of desktop computing resources

Special Functions

This project will create a web-based portal enabling users to evaluate a large class of special functions to essentially arbitrary accuracy at user-defined

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artist's concept of the inside of a quantum computer. A grid of blue computer chips with beams of light moving between them.

The Future Is Now: Spreading the Word About Post-Quantum Cryptography

I consider myself a quiet guy — on a Friday night you can usually find me at home doing crossword puzzles. Public speaking doesn’t come naturally to me, and I’ve never really liked it. Like many people, I get really nervous. So, how did I find myself standing at a podium in front of hundreds of people in Fukuoka, Japan? I had never traveled that far away from home before. I was also pretty jet
Composite image of four women on a video conferencing call.

NIST Builds ‘Sisters in STEM’ With YWCA Code Jam

A medical worker administers a nasal swab test to a person in a car.

NIST Innovation Could Improve Detection of COVID-19 Infections

Four sets of black, chunky circular shapes with center markings on a white background.

Recovering Data: NIST’s Neural Network Model Finds Small Objects in Dense Images

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