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Metrology is the science of measurement and its application. NIST's work in metrology focuses on advancing measurement science to enhance economic security and improve quality of life. 

Almost all of NIST’s research has a metrology component to it. NIST’s metrology-related resources and activities include  calibrations, standard reference materials, standard reference data, test methods, proficiency evaluation materials, tools that facilitate the evaluation of measurement uncertainty, measurement quality assurance programs, and laboratory accreditation services that assist customers in establishing traceability of measurement results.

A key component of NIST’s metrology work is metrological traceability, which requires the establishment of an unbroken chain of calibrations to specified reference measurement standards: typically national or international standards, in particular realizations of the measurement units of the International System of Units (SI). 

NIST assures the traceability to the SI, or to other specified standards, of measurement results that NIST itself provides, either directly or through an official NIST program or collaboration. Other organizations are responsible for establishing the traceability of their own results to national reference standards maintained by NIST or to other specified reference standards. Learn more about metrological traceability.

The Research

Projects & Programs

Quantum Transport Measurements

We are developing the foundational knowledge and measurement infrastructure that will facilitate the use of solid state systems with emergent quantum properties

Acoustic Techniques in Fluid Metrology

The Fluid Metrology Group leads the world in designing and using gas-filled acoustic resonators for measuring the thermodynamic temperature T , the Boltzmann

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‘The Last Artifact’ Brings Metrology to TV

Remember that documentary you saw that finally explained metrology and why measurements are critical to practically every aspect of modern life? Yeah, neither do I. Probably because that documentary doesn’t exist … Or does it? The Last Artifact , a new one-hour film that PBS stations are planning to broadcast starting this month , aims to fill that cinematic void by bringing metrology to the

NIST-Led Working Group Developing Standards for Organ-on-a-Chip Research

Microwave Detectors and Multiplexing: NIST Researchers Help Astronomers Examine the Early Universe

OWM Recognizes Contributions of Proficiency Testing Coordinators at RMAPs

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Upcoming Events

5854 Mass Metrology Seminar

Mon, Feb 26 - Fri, Mar 8 2024
The Mass Metrology Seminar is a two-week, "hands-on" seminar. It incorporates approximately 30 percent lectures and 70

5893 Basic Uncertainty Concepts

Thu, Feb 29 2024, 2:00 - 4:00pm EST
This 2-hour webinar provides a very basic introduction to uncertainty calculations and reporting using the 8-step

5905 Volume Metrology Seminar

Mon, Apr 1 - Fri, Apr 5 2024
The 5-day OWM Volume Metrology Seminar is designed to enable metrologists to apply fundamental measurement concepts to