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NIST's metrology research focuses on advancing measurement science to enhance economic security and improve quality of life.

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Quantum Transport Measurements

We are developing the foundational knowledge and measurement infrastructure that will facilitate the use of solid state systems with emergent quantum properties

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Film crew films a pair NIST researchers operating the NIST Kibble balance

‘The Last Artifact’ Brings Metrology to TV

Remember that documentary you saw thatfinallyexplained metrology and why measurements are critical to practically every aspect of modern life? Yeah, neither do I. Probably because that documentary doesn’t exist … Or does it? The Last Artifact, a new one-hour film that PBS stations are planning to broadcast starting this month, aims to fill that cinematic void by bringing metrology to the people
Man standing next to equipment on top of building during a sunset.

Commerce Building Now Part of NOAA, NIST Weather and Greenhouse Gas Tracking Network

Side-by-side black and white images of fibers with scale bars at lower left indicating the degree of magnification.

Study Indicates That Humidity in Breath Makes Cotton Masks More Effective at Slowing the Spread of COVID-19

Four people stand around an instrument on a tripod next to the open door of a white van.

Spotlight: Measuring the Atmosphere’s Volatile Organic Compounds

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5709 Software Verification and Validation

Thu, Jun 10 2021, 2:00pm - Thu, Jun 24 2021, 4:00pm EDT
Session I (June 10, 2021) and Session II (June 24, 2021) These two 2-hour sessions on Software Verification and

5719 Fundamentals of Metrology - CANCELED

Mon, Jun 21 2021, 8:00am - Fri, Jun 25 2021, 5:30pm EDT
The NIST Gaithersburg campus is currently in Phase 1 of reopening and is closed to visitors. Do not make any travel