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Time & frequency metrology

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Jun Ye: A Timely Profile

Physicist Jun Ye has a knack for making every second count—literally. At JILA, a joint research institute of the University of Colorado and the National

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Roadmap towards the redefinition of the second

C Rieck, T Ido, M Wouters, Y Hanado, M Fujieda, PO Hedekvist, PE Pottie, J Bartholomew, J Hanssen, A Malimon, N Ashby, P Defraigne, Elizabeth Donley, I Sesia, H Schnatz, P Dube, N Dimarc, F Levi, H Margolis, S Slyusarev, M Yasuda, S Bize, D Calonico, David B. Newell, JP Uzan, M Gertsvolf, C Oates, E Peik, S Weyers, DH Yu, G Mileti, P Tavella, F Meynadier, G Petit, G Panfilo, F Fang, J Lodewyck
This paper outlines the roadmap towards the redefinition of the second recently updated by the CCTF Task Force created by the CCTF in 2020. The main