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Communications Technology Laboratory

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NextG Communications Research and Development Gaps Report
Credit: NextG Communications Research and Development Gaps Report
CTL Mission Vision 2


Our Focus Areas




















Core Network Tech 2
Fundamental Electromagnetic Technologies & Standards
Next Generation Wireless Systems
Public Safety Communications
Smart Infrastructure & Manufacturing
Spectrum Sharing & Sensing














News and Updates

Policy-Relevant Internet Measurement

Doug Montgomery (CTL/ Internet Technologies Research Group) participated t in the NSF Workshop on Policy-Relevant Internet Measurement at Georgia Tech


Projects and Programs

5G & Beyond

“5G and beyond” refers to future generations of mobile wireless communication systems. The vision for these next-generation systems are to enable groundbreaking

5G/6G Core Networks and Services

This program aims to advance networking and measurement sciences and promote consensus standards and best practices for the evolution from 5G to 6G, focusing on



Acting Director, Communications Technology Laboratory