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Communications Technology Laboratory

Delivering Public Safety

CTL promotes the development and deployment of advanced communications technologies through the dissemination of high-quality measurements, data, and research supporting U.S. innovation, industrial competitiveness, and public safety.  

5G Coexistence Testbed for Today’s Challenges and Tomorrow’s Opportunities

The resiliency of the American workforce depends on trusted communications systems now, more than ever...

CTL Demo Adds Key Capability to Atom-Based Radio Communications 

This gets us one step closer to a true atom-based communication system to benefit 5G and Beyond...

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NIST Method Uses Radio Signals to Image Hidden and Speeding Objects

NIST has developed a method for using radio signals to create real-time images and videos of hidden and moving objects...

Our Focus Areas


5G & Beyond
Fundamental Metrology
Spectrum Testing
Public Safety Communications



News and Updates


Projects and Programs

5G & Beyond

“5G and beyond” refers to future generations of mobile wireless communication systems. The vision for these next-generation systems are to enable groundbreaking

Advanced High Frequency Devices

The Advanced High Frequency Devices Program develops measurement methods to determine the characteristics of advanced electronics and devices at high

Industry Impacts

Alliance for 5G Networks

The next generation of wireless communications technology will allow many more devices to send information much faster, making possible everything from virtual

First Responder Communications

First responders must be able to communicate during an emergency. Too often in critical situations, communications among public safety agencies are hampered by

Tools and Instruments

LTE Coverage Tool

This experimental application was developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Public Safety Communications Research Division (PSCR)


Taking Measure Blog


Director, Communications Technology Lab and Director, NIST Boulder Laboratory