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Public Safety Communications Research Division

Through the use of advanced communication technologies, the public safety community can more effectively carry out their vital mission to protect lives and property – from day-to-day operations to large events and emergencies. To fulfill this vision, the PSCR program acts as an objective technical advisor and laboratory for the public safety community to accelerate the adoption and implementation of only the most critical public safety

Welcome to the homepage of the Public Safety Communications (PSCR) Division of NIST


The 2020 Stakeholder Meeting will be June 2-4 in San Diego, CA.

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PSCR RESEARCH portfolios

PSCR conducts internal research across key public safety technology areas, otherwise known as research portfolios. Click an icon below to learn more about the work being done in each research portfolio.


PSCR User Interface User Experience Logo


The Analytics Research Portfolio Logo


Location Based Services Research Portfolio logo


PSCR Mission Critical Voice Research Area Logo


Security Cross-Cutting Research Portfolio logo


Resilient Systems is a cross-cutting research area at PSCR

News and Updates

Press Coverage

Haptic helmet for firefighters

Tech Xplore
Imagine firefighters trying to navigate through an unfamiliar, burning building full of suffocating smoke and deafening noise. Firefighting is exceedingly


LTE Coverage Tool

This experimental application was developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Public Safety Communications Research Division (PSCR)

Resource Library

View all PSCR publications and available resources in one location! Organized by portfolio area, the PSCR resource library provides access to recent research updates and articles to date. Visit the Resource Library now. 

About PSCR

New to PSCR? Visiting this site for the first time? Click here to learn more about the history of PSCR and our approach to research today.