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PSIAP 2017 - Location-Based Services

Emergency responders have a compelling need to understand the physical environment in which they are working: Where are public safety personnel and equipment? What hazards and resources are present in the area? What entry and exit routes are available? PSCR refers to the collection of technologies and systems that gather, store, disseminate, and act on location and located information as Location Based Services (LBS) including: Positioning, Dissemination, Data Security, Integration, and Interoperation, Mapping and Visualization, and Affordable Localization Reference Environments. 

The PSIAP funding opportunity sought applications that focused on the development of cost-effective reference measurement systems that can be installed in controlled indoor environments (i.e. testbeds, public safety training facilities, etc.) and used to assess the accuracy of LBS solutions in determining the location and movement of personnel and their equipment progressing within the test environment. 

Award Recipients



An Infrastructure-Free
Localization System
for Firefighters



Hyper-Reality Helmet
for Mapping & Visualizing
Public Safety Data



Situational Awareness for
Emergencies through Network
Enabled Technologies


PSCR PSIAP 2017 TRX Systems

First Responder Location
& Mapping Services


PSCR PSIAP 2017 UC Irvine

Ultimate Navigation Chip


PSCR PSIAP 2017 University of Cincinnati

First Responder Indoor
Location using LTE
Direct Mode


PSCR PSIAP 2017 University of Michigan

Decimeter Accurate, Long
Range Non-Line-of-Sight
RF Localization Solution


PSCR PSIAP 2017 Oxford

Pervasive, Accurate,
and Reliable
Location-Based Services



Created September 26, 2017, Updated January 26, 2020