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Location-Based Services


Location Based Services Research Portfolio logo

Advancing technologies to seamlessly locate, track, and inform first responders while operating indoors.

Click the image below to learn more about Location-Based Services for public safety.


PSIAP-Funded Research Projects

Click the tiles below to learn more about each project.
City of Memphis

Map 901: Building Rich Interior Hazard Maps for First Responders 

Hancock County Mississippi

Hancock County Point Cloud City

Enfield Fire Dept No 1

Creating a Catalog of Point Clouds for Public Buildings in Enfield, Connecticut


An infrastructure-free localization system for first responders


Hyper-reality helmet for mapping and visualizing public safety data


Situational awareness for emergencies through network-enabled technologies

PSCR PSIAP 2017 University of Michigan

Decimeter accurate, long range non-line-of-sight RF localization solution for public safety applications

PSCR PSIAP 2017 Oxford

Pervasive, accurate, and reliable location-based services for emergency responders

PSCR PSIAP 2017 University of Cincinnati

First responder indoor location using LTE direct mode operations



PSCR PSIAP 2017 TRX Systems

TRX first responder location and mapping services

PSCR PSIAP 2017 UC Irvine

Ultimate navigation chip (uNavChip): chip-scale personal navigation system



PSCR's i-Axis award goes to recipient National Alliance for Public Safety GIS Foundation.

Accelerating Adoption and Use of Emerging LBS by Public Safety

This is the logo for the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). Click to learn more about their project with PSCR.

Indoor Mapping and Navigation Pilot



The Location Based Services Research Portfolio logo in black and white

Location Based Services Portfolio Mission: Demonstrate that indoor mapping, tracking, and navigation capabilities that first responders can depend on are within reach.


Location Based Services Portfolio Vision: Position PSCR to transition the innovative technologies, approaches, and research capacity created in this portfolio to products, standards, and public safety systems. 

Created September 20, 2017, Updated October 29, 2019