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PSIAP 2017 - Public Safety Mission Critical Voice

Ever increasing operational demands on first responders, along with new technological opportunities and capabilities, are driving PSOs to adopt broadband technologies such as Long Term Evolution (LTE) for mission critical data. While access to broadband data is improving public safety operations and providing new applications, voice remains the most critical communications capability. However, a true mission critical voice (MCV) capability has yet to be deployed on any LTE network.

As a result of PSCR’s stakeholder engagement and evaluation activities, coupled with the technology landscape assessments and industry roadmaps, PSCR focused PSIAP funding on innovative R&D projects that would accelerate the development, production, and testing of mission critical voice over LTE networks and supported direct mode operations and mission critical push-to-talk. 



George Washington University logo

Coverage, Capacity, & 
Resilience Enhancement
in Limited PSN


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End-to-End Mission
Critical Push-to-Talk


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Mission Critical Open Platform


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Propagation Channel
Models & System


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System for Public Safety

End-to-End Research Platform for
Public Safety Millimeter Wave Communications


Modeling, Simulation &
Performance Evaluation

Created September 26, 2017, Updated July 12, 2022