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Open Innovation Prize Challenges 

Creativity is critical to solving complex problems, developing new strategies, facilitating innovation, and driving organizational change.

"[PSCR] ... allowed us to get to know a different community of interest, see what the needs are, and see that the technology we’re working on is applicable to a completely different industry.”

- PSCR Prize Challenge Participant (2017)

Open Innovation Overview
Open Innovation Overview

PSCR's Open Innovation program focuses on advancing public safety communications by leveraging the creativity, expertise, and innovative solutions from a diverse array of contributors and collaborators across the globe through financial awards and incentive-based activities. The program looks to solve discrete and well-defined problems surrounding: Crowdsourcing, Prize & Challenge Competitions, Hack-a-thons, Data Jams, Ideation, Collaborative Iteration & Design, and Team-building Activities.


You may also watch summary videos from recently completed Challenges. View all past Challenges here.

Screenshot of a video in which we see a silhouette of firefighters responding to a burning fire
2019 Haptics Interfaces for Public Safety Challenge
Screenshot of a video with a blue background and illustrated smartphone. Text on the smartphone reads 9-1-1.
2018 Differential Privacy Synthetic Data Challenge
Screenshot of a video featuring trees and a wildfire
2018 Unmanned Aerial Systems Flight and Payload Challenge


Click here to learn more about the Open Innovation program at PSCR

Learn more about PSCR's Open Innovation program.

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Created November 9, 2016, Updated July 21, 2020