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Award Recipient Resource Center

Welcome to the Public Safety Innovation Accelerator Program (PSIAP) Award Recipient Resource Center! The purpose of this page is to connect award recipients with relevant links and resources that they may need throughout the course of their award administration.

Data Management Plan Guidance

In December 2020, NIST announced guidance that requires applicants to federal funding opportunities to submit a Data Management Plan (DMP) with their application. A DMP is a defined plan for the management of data that provides, at a minimum, a summary of activities for data generation, a summary of the types of data generated by the relevant activities, the plans for preservation of the generated data, and a description of the appropriate level of access for the generated data.

Applicant Data Management Plan (DMP) Rubric

Human Subjects Research Guidance

Award recipients should follow the below guidance according to 15 CFR 27.112 – Review by Institution
  • “Research covered by this policy that has been approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) may be subject to further appropriate review and approval or disapproval by officials of the institution. However, those officials may not approve the research if it has not been approved by an IRB.”

Administrative Review is defined and described in each NIST Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) that is referenced in an award under: Research Activities Involving Human Subjects

  • The Research Protections Office (RPO) will review and verify the performing institution’s determination for research not involving human subjects or exempt human subjects research.
  • In addition, for exempt research requiring limited IRB review and non-exempt human subjects research, the RPO will review and confirm that the research and performing institution(s) are in compliance with 15 CFR 27, which means RPO will:
    • confirm the engaged institution(s) possess, or are covered under a Federalwide Assurance
    • review the research study documentation submitted to the IRB and verify the IRB’s determination of level of risk and approval of the study for compliance with 15 CFR 27
    • review and verify IRB-approved substantive changes to an approved research study before the changes are implemented
    • review and verify that the IRB conducts a continuing review at least annually, as appropriate

The RPO will conduct an administrative review of any NIST-funded extramural research that potentially involves human subjects. However, it is imperative that organizations acquire approval from an IRB prior to RPO Administrative Review.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Important Websites

Periodic Report Resources

Award recipients must submit regular reports to document a project throughout its lifespan. These reports may include both expense-related data and quantitative information about the project's impact.

Please submit all reports to your Federal Program Officer (FPO) and greports [at] (greports[at]nist[dot]gov).

Unfunded Grant Actions Mailbox

If award recipients are sending information related to unfunded requests or unfunded actions, please email ugam [at] (ugam[at]nist[dot]gov). Examples of unfunded requests include but are not limited to:

  • Data Management Plan updates
  • No cost extensions
  • Change of key personnel
  • Responses to award condition requirements, such as liability insurance requirements
  • IRB approvals

Award Recipient Audit Guidance

The Single Audit Act (amended in 1996) states that grant recipients may be subject to an audit once a year. The audit aims to ensure compliance with government regulations and evaluate financial information, including expenses paid for with federal award funds.

More on Government Auditing Standards

Additional Quick Links

For additional information related to PSCR as well as understanding the federal funding opportunity reporting and oversight process, please see the links below.

If you are an award recipient and still have questions, PSCR encourages you to reach out to your FPO. If you have questions about your award details, you may also reach out to Grant Officer nuria.martinez [at] (Nuria Martinez). Programmatic questions may be directed to lisa.soucy [at] (subject: PSIAP%20Questions) (Lisa Soucy).

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Created December 13, 2018, Updated March 2, 2023