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Advanced communications


Secure, reliable, high-speed wireless communications are critical to the economic and national competitiveness of the United States. Advanced communications are enabling dramatic changes in how consumers, manufacturers, governments, and others provide and consume information, transact business, provide and use essential services, and shop, among other tasks. An analysis by Accenture predicts that by 2022 there will be approximately 29 billion connected devices globally, 500 million of which will be connected to 5G wireless networks. This insatiable societal demand for connectivity will require significant advancements in communication technologies. Accenture forecasts that over the next several years, wireless providers will invest approximately $275 billion in U.S. infrastructure, creating up to three million new jobs and boosting annual GDP by $500 billion.

NIST is currently the U.S. government’s leader in fundamental and applied research, standards and government-academia-industry coordination for advanced communications technologies. 

Learn more about NIST’s work in advanced communications and NIST leadership in three spaces:

NIST Advanced Communications: By the Numbers

200+ NIST staff and associates in the Communications Technology Laboratory // 30+ NIST experts leading global standards development organizations // 180+ participants from 80+ industry, academia and government organizations led by NIST in the 5G mmWave Channel Model Alliance // 320+ technical publications in advanced radio frequency electromagnetics and advanced wireless since 2015
Credit: B. Hayes/NIST

The Research

Projects & Programs

Trustworthy Networks of Things

NIST is working with industry to design, standardize, test and foster adoption of network-centric approaches to protect IoT devices from the Internet and to

USGv6 Program

NIST is Working with other USG agencies and industry to develop and maintain the standards, test program, deployment guidance and test and measurement tools

Fiber Sources and Applications

Optical frequency combs convert a laser source containing a single frequency of light into pulses that include thousands of frequencies. This project aims to

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