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Neutron research


NIST is at the forefront of basic research with neutrons, and the NIST Center for Neutron Research is a national resource for industry, universities and government agencies.

The Research

Projects & Programs

Crystallographic Databases

Components and devices used in a broad spectrum of technology sectors such as health care, communications, energy and electronics are manufactured from

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Heather Chen-Mayer loading a jade artifact into a neutron detector

How Neutrons and Gamma Rays Can Reveal Our Cultural Heritage

Most people think that understanding and preserving our cultural heritage is mainly the concern of the social sciences and humanities, such as archaeology and art history. But physical sciences, including physics and chemistry, often play a large role as well. Determining the elemental composition, or signature, of archaeological finds or objects in museum collections can provide insight into
Different colored spots of light form a circle on a black background.

Spotlight: A Giant Leap for Magnifying Materials With Neutron Beams

The contrasting interiors of previous gels and the new seed gel show the different respective locations of their nanoparticles. Below we see representations of four different applications: filtration, smart windows, battery technology and tissue engineering.

Nanoparticle Gel Unites Oil and Water in Manufacturing-Friendly Approach

A red cylinder made of lipids has five protruding multicolored proteins.

NIST Clarifies Structure of Prospective Vaccine for Respiratory Virus

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