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lightweighting equipment



NIST develops standards and technology to support the next generation of aerospace, automotive and rail transport.

Transportation Topics

The Research

Projects & Programs

Fundamentals of Deformation

This project provides new measurement methods, property data and simulations for areas critical to US manufacturing, describing the mechanisms responsible for

Automotive Lightweighting

Our objective is to support the efforts of the US automotive industry and its suppliers to incorporate advanced lightweight materials for improving fuel economy

X-ray Stress Measurement

Using X-ray diffraction techniques one can measure the full stress tensor just inside the surface of a sheet metal specimen under applied load. For experiments

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How NIST Helped Hero Pilot Jimmy Doolittle Fly

As portrayed by movie star Spencer Tracy in Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, pilot James (Jimmy) Doolittle led the 1942 air raid on Japan that lifted American spirits in early World War II, winning fame and the Medal of Honor. He eventually became a four-star general. Long before Doolittle became a legend, the National Bureau of Standards, now the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Operating Envelope Specification for Assessing Automated Vehicle Performance

Teleoperation Expanding the Solution Space for Automated Driving

NIST, SEPA Develop Interoperability Profile for Integrating Electric Vehicle Charging with Grid

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