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NIST develops the testing, measurements, and reference materials needed to ensure the quality of energy-related products and services and ensure fairness in the marketplace.

The Research

Projects & Programs

Standard Reference Measurements

Property measurements of the very highest accuracies are important for developing the thermodynamic and transport property models for working fluids and

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photo of a house. Solar panels on the roof.

That House on the Hill: Bringing Measurement Science Home

When people ask NIST employees what they do, we often rely on the somewhat nebulous term “measurement science.” To many in the technical community, NIST’s role in measurement science is clear because they are often surrounded by instruments that bear some sort of NIST-traceable calibration certificate. NIST staff may be able to explain the painstaking work we do to realize basic measurement units
Maria Munoz poses in the lab, wearing safety goggles and heavy gloves.

Spotlight: Maria Munoz’s Journey Into Spectroscopy Took Her Around the World

Three people pose smiling for a casual selfie in front of white rectangle of material with some cracks in it.

Spotlight: Examining Solar Panel Materials at the Microscale

The landing page for the Present Value of PhotoVoltaics tool is incorporated into an illustration of houses with solar panels on their roofs.

Deciding Whether to Install Solar Panels on Your Home? A New NIST Web Tool Can Help

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