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In the realm of electrons and light, NIST provides the standards, develops the instruments and performs the calibrations necessary to keep both the smallest electronic components and the largest power grids running smoothly and safely.

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the D squared M squared CM device in action. Red and green cells filter through membranes to meet in the middle of an X pattern.

Paving the Way for Electronic Organs-on-a-Chip

It may sound like science fiction, but “organ on a chip” systems — devices capable of imitating the interaction of cells in a specific organ such as the lungs or liver — have begun to be used to test the effectiveness of drugs in the past few years. We use these systems to quantify the physical properties of cells, which provide information regarding the cells’ health before and after treatment
A woman wearing a mask stands over a yellow sphere at a lab bench.

NIST-Led Study Finds Variations in Quantitative MRI Scanners’ Measurements

Human figure stands facing large wooden board. Behind that is a row of tubes sticking up from a base.

NIST Method Uses Radio Signals to Image Hidden and Speeding Objects

Gray ovals on blue background are linked to curved gray lines.

NIST Team Directs and Measures Quantum Drum Duet

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