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NIST on a Chip

Bringing world-class measurement-science technology from the lab to users anywhere and anytime.

What is NIST on a Chip?

NIST has embarked on a revolutionary program that will bring cutting-edge measurement-science technology and expertise from our labs directly to users in commerce, medicine, defense and academia. We are developing a suite of inherently accurate measurement technologies that operate according to the precise, time-tested principles of quantum physics.

The ultimate goal of NIST on a Chip technology is for it to be deployed nearly anywhere and anytime, without the need for NIST’s traditional measurement services. We are seeking partnerships with the U.S. private sector and other government agencies to bring these technologies to commercial reality and unleash new capabilities for American innovation. Learn more about the promise of NIST on a Chip.

Explore NOAC

The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s NIST on a Chip (NOAC) program will revolutionize measurement services and metrology by bringing them out of the lab and, after commercialization by industry, directly to the user.

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The Technology

Learn more about the technology behind NIST on a Chip.

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Partnership Opportunities

Learn more about how you can partner with NIST to shape NOAC technologies.

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NOAC devices hold the promise of changing how business is done for a number of industries.

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NOAC in Action

Explore NIST on a Chip through a series of videos that explains the program's vision, objectives, science and technology.

Contact Us

General Information

Barbara Goldstein, Program Manager

Jay Hendricks, Deputy Program Manager

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