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Partner With Us

The NIST on a Chip program is actively seeking both public and private sector partners.

NIST on a Chip is built through collaboration. The Department of Defense and other government agencies inspired our program by communicating their most pressing needs and long-range goals and by sharing resources that are helping to accelerate our work.

Now, industry partners are needed to turn NIST innovations into commercial products, and collaboration can help companies find early opportunities for market successes. 

Collaborate on joint research 

  • Industry partners: Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs) are a great way to partner with NIST on research projects and get in on the ground floor of an emerging technology. In a CRADA, both NIST and the industry partner can contribute personnel, facilities, equipment and other resources. (Note that NIST cannot provide funds to its CRADA partners.) By partnering with us during the research phase, you have a voice in developing the technology you need to accomplish your business objectives. And as a collaborator, you get the first option to license inventions made during the research program, provided that any commercial product that comes from that collaboration is largely manufactured in the U.S. 
  • Government agencies: Other government agencies can fund or partner with NIST directly. For information on agreements that agencies have with NIST, please contact our External Partnerships Team: karen.yavetz [at] (Karen Yavetz) (301-975-2959) or Michael.Szwed [at] (Michael Szwed) (301-975-6330).

License our technology

Check out a list of the NIST on a Chip technologies available for licensing. Please see additional information about licensing and a searchable list of all NIST patents.

Use our services or buy our instruments

Some of our NIST on a Chip technologies can be accessed through our measurement services program or purchased as a Standard Reference Instrument.

Team up through consortia

Partnering through a consortium can be an effective means for multiple parties to work on a similar challenge. Many NIST on a Chip researchers are involved in the Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C), since the suite of quantum-based devices being developed by NIST on a Chip will provide building blocks for the products being cultivated for the new quantum economy. NIST is a founder and active partner in the QED-C, which provides a rich environment for public-private collaboration. 

Visit us

Contact our researchers directly, by reaching out to barbara.goldstein [at] (Barbara Goldstein) and jay.hendricks [at] (Jay Hendricks), or browse the list of upcoming NIST events

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Created June 22, 2020, Updated July 21, 2020