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Material Measurement Laboratory

MML conducts measurement science across the chemical, biological and material sciences. Activities range from fundamental and applied research to the development and dissemination of certified reference materials and data to industry, academia, and other government agencies to assure the quality of measurement results.

Welcome to the Material Measurement Laboratory

The NIST Material Measurement Laboratory (MML) conducts measurement science research to benefit industries based in the chemical, biological and material sciences, and contributes technical expertise to the development of standards. MML researchers perform fundamental and applied research, evaluate data, and create other programs and tools to assure the quality of measurement results. Our work supports areas of national importance: We contribute to the development of new vaccines and biologic drugs, characterize the performance of alternative fuels and refrigerants with less greenhouse gas potential, assess pollutants including ocean plastics, help develop new materials for lightweight, fuel efficient transportation, and much more.

News and Updates

Projects and Programs

Biomanufacturing Initiative

Protein drugs are the top selling pharmaceuticals worldwide, a hundred billion dollar industry, but also the fastest growing category of health care costs. The

Plastic Pollution Measurement Science

Plastics have undoubtedly brought numerous benefits to society, but the issue of plastic pollution has emerged as a significant global environmental challenge

Automotive Lightweighting

Our objective is to support the efforts of the US automotive industry and its suppliers to incorporate advanced lightweight materials for improving fuel economy


Press Coverage

Setting Standards for Stool

Microbiome studies have yielded hundreds of ideas for ways to detect and influence human health, but the field struggles with reproducibility...

Making Standards Exceptional

The Scientist
Samantha Maragh has taken on the difficult challenge of standardizing assays, data norms, and terminology in the ever evolving genome editing field.