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Material Measurement Laboratory Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type Email
Michael J. Fasolka OU Director (Acting) michael.fasolka [at] Fed michael.fasolka [at]
Lisa Derby Organization Unit Safety Coordinator lisa.derby [at] Fed lisa.derby [at]
Michael J. Fasolka Deputy OU Director michael.fasolka [at] Fed michael.fasolka [at]
Frannie Johnson Senior Management Advisor frannie.johnson [at] Fed frannie.johnson [at]
Teresa A. Cronise OU Secretary teresa.cronise [at] Fed teresa.cronise [at]

Applied Chemicals and Materials Division

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
John Perkins Division Chief john.perkins [at] Fed
Wendi Copello Division Secretary wendi.copello [at] Fed

Nanoscale Reliability Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Bob R. Keller Group Leader bob.keller [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Benjamin Caplins benjamin.caplins [at] Fed
Caleb Chandler Assoc
Ann Chiaramonti Debay chiaramonti [at] Fed
Yifu Ding yifu.ding [at] Assoc
Russell Evans russell.evans [at] Fed
Kieran Fung kieran.fung [at] Assoc
Jacob Garcia jacob.garcia [at] Fed
Jessica Gerac jessica.gerac [at] Assoc
Chloe Henson chloe.henson [at] Assoc
Callie Higgins callie.higgins [at] Fed
Jason Holm jason.holm [at] Fed
Theodore Johnson Ctr
Bob R. Keller bob.keller [at] Fed
Jason Killgore jason.killgore [at] Fed
Michael Kleih Ctr
Thomas Kolibaba thomas.kolibaba [at] Fed
Elisabeth Mansfield elisabeth.mansfield [at] Fed
Samuel Marks samuel.marks [at] Assoc
Arlo Marquez-Grap arlo.marquez-grap [at] Assoc
Shakir Bin Mujib shakirbin.mujib [at] IntlAssoc
Danny Perea Assoc
Pandora Picariello pandora.picariello [at] Assoc
Alan Sellinger alan.sellinger [at] Assoc
Gurpreet Singh Assoc
Ryan White ryan.white [at] Fed

Fluid Characterization Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Tara Lovestead Group Leader tara.lovestead [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Jennifer Berry jennifer.berry [at] Fed
Cheryle Beuning cheryle.beuning [at] Fed
Kavita Jeerage kavita.jeerage [at] Fed
Tara Lovestead tara.lovestead [at] Fed
Samantha Miller samantha.miller [at] Assoc
Gosia Musial malgorzata.musial [at] IntlAssoc
Chris Suiter christopher.suiter [at] Fed
Chris Suiter christopher.suiter [at] Fed
Jason A. Widegren jason.widegren [at] Fed

Thermodynamics Research Center Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Chris Muzny Group Leader chris.muzny [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Raaghav Agarwal raaghav.agarwal [at] Fed
Ala Bazyleva ala.bazyleva [at] Fed
Matthew Boyd matthew.boyd [at] Fed
Robert D. Chirico robert.chirico [at] Assoc
Vladimir Diky vladimir.diky [at] Fed
Thomas Dunnington thomas.dunnington [at] Fed
Peter Dvorak peter.dvorak [at] Fed
Colton Gardner colton.gardner [at] Fed
Andrei F. Kazakov andrei.kazakov [at] Fed
Heidi Klem heidi.klem [at] Fed
Vadim D. Knyazev vadim.knyazev [at] Assoc
Joe W. Magee joe.magee [at] Fed
Chris Muzny chris.muzny [at] Fed
Yechan Noh yechan.noh [at] IntlAssoc
Kirk Nordstrom darrell.nordstrom [at] Fed
Eugene Paulechka yauheni.paulechka [at] Assoc
Patrick Pillans patrick.pillans [at] Fed
Tyler Renken tyler.renken [at] Fed
Demian Riccardi demian.riccardi [at] Fed
Alex Smolyanitsky alex.smolyanitsky [at] Fed
Scott Townsend scott.townsend [at] Fed
Boris Wilthan boris.wilthan [at] Assoc
Nicholas Zarilla nicholas.zarilla [at] Fed

Thermophysical Properties of Fluids Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Mark O. McLinden Group Leader mark.mclinden [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Karim Al-Barghouti [at] Assoc
Ian Bell ian.bell [at] Fed
Tara Fortin tara.fortin [at] Fed
Allan H. Harvey allan.harvey [at] Fed
Marcia L. Huber marcia.huber [at] Fed
Eric W. Lemmon eric.lemmon [at] Fed
Michael Lewis michael.lewis [at] Assoc
Mark O. McLinden mark.mclinden [at] Fed
Stephanie L. Outcalt stephanie.outcalt [at] Fed
Richard A. Perkins richard.perkins [at] Assoc
Aaron Rowane aaron.rowane [at] Fed

Applied Chemicals and Materials Division - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Tina Arthur tina.arthur [at] Fed
Wendi Copello wendi.copello [at] Fed
Frank DelRio frank.delrio [at] Assoc
Edward Garboczi edward.garboczi [at] Fed
Orion Kafka orion.kafka [at] Fed
Veruska Malave veruska.malave [at] Fed
Newell Moser newell.moser [at] Fed
John Perkins john.perkins [at] Fed
Ray Radebaugh ray.radebaugh [at] Assoc
Vinod Tewary vinod.tewary [at] Fed
David Thielke david.thielke [at] Fed
David Thielke david.thielke [at] Fed
Andrew Uribe andrew.uribe [at] Fed

Fatigue and Fracture Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Andrew Slifka Group Leader (Acting) andrew.slifka [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Jake Benzing jake.benzing [at] Fed
Peter Bradley peter.bradley [at] Fed
Zack Buck zack.buck [at] Fed
Lawrence Cho lawrence.cho [at] Assoc
Matthew Connolly matthew.connolly [at] Fed
Nicholas Derimow nicholas.derimow [at] Fed
Allen Eckhardt allen.eckhardt [at] Assoc
Xavier Fross Assoc
Marvin Hamstad marvin.hamstad [at] Assoc
Nik Hrabe nik.hrabe [at] Fed
Ward L. Johnson ward.johnson [at] Fed
Li-Anne Liew li-anne.liew [at] Fed
Enrico Lucon enrico.lucon [at] Fed
May Ling Martin may.martin [at] Fed
Joseph McColskey j.mccolskey [at] Assoc
Tim Quinn timothy.quinn [at] Fed
Ross Rentz ross.rentz [at] Fed
Raymond L. Santoyo raymond.santoyo [at] Fed
Alec Saville alec.saville [at] Fed
Andrew Slifka andrew.slifka [at] Fed
Elizabeth Sorenson elizabeth.sorenson [at] Assoc
Fred Walls Assoc
Dash Weeks timothy.weeks [at] Fed

Biosystems and Biomaterials Division

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Ross Haynes Division Safety Representative ross.haynes [at] Fed
Sheng Lin-Gibson Division Chief sheng.lin-gibson [at] Fed
Denise R. Shaw Division Secretary [at] Fed

Biosystems and Biomaterials Division - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Kenneth D. Cole kenneth.cole [at] Assoc
Tara Eskandari tara.eskandari [at] Fed
Ross Haynes ross.haynes [at] Fed
Sheng Lin-Gibson sheng.lin-gibson [at] Fed
Anne L. Plant anne.plant [at] Fed
Denise R. Shaw [at] Fed

Cell Systems Science Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
John T. Elliott Group Leader john.elliott [at] Fed
Angela Furlow Group Secretary angela.furlow [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Anthony Asmar anthony.asmar [at] Fed
Donald H. Atha donald.atha [at] Fed
Vaishnavi Banda vaishnavi.banda [at] Assoc
Zackery Benson zackery.benson [at] Fed
Talapady N. Bhat talapady.bhat [at] Fed
Andrew Celi andrew.celi [at] Assoc
John T. Elliott john.elliott [at] Fed
Jason Finley jason.finley [at] Fed
Angela Furlow angela.furlow [at] Fed
Robert Gutierrez robert.gutierrez [at] Fed
Michael Halter michael.halter [at] Fed
Joseph Hubbard joseph.hubbard [at] Assoc
Ramila Joshi ramila.joshi [at] Assoc
Sanika Kale sanika.kale [at] Assoc
Edward Kwee edward.kwee [at] Fed
Mahir Mohiuddin mahir.mohiuddin [at] Fed
Bryant C. Nelson bryant.nelson [at] Fed
Elijah Petersen elijah.petersen [at] Fed
Alexander Peterson alexander.peterson [at] Fed
Vytas Reipa vytautas.reipa [at] Fed
Sasanka Sreedevi-Naresh sasanka.sreedevi-naresh [at] Assoc
Alessandro Tona alex.tona [at] Fed

Biomaterials Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Nancy Lin Group Leader (Acting) nancy.lin [at] Fed
Carlos Turcios Group Secretary carlos.turcios [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Judith Arcidiacono Fed
Greta Babakhanova greta.babakhanova [at] Fed
Youssef Bacila Sade youssef.bacilasade [at] IntlAssoc
Justin Barch Assoc
Charles Camp [at] Fed
Meagan Cauble meagan.cauble [at] Assoc
Martin Y. M. Chiang martin.chiang [at] Assoc
Sandra M. Da Silva sandra.dasilva [at] Fed
Joy Dunkers joy.dunkers [at] Fed
Dawn Henke dawn.henke [at] Assoc
Seongmin Kim [at] Assoc
Sang Hak Lee sanghak.lee [at] IntlAssoc
Young Jong Lee youngjong.lee [at] Fed
Nancy Lin nancy.lin [at] Fed
Alshae Logan alshae.logan [at] Fed
Richard McFarland richard.mcfarland [at] Assoc
Kirsten Parratt kirsten.parratt [at] Fed
Laura Pierce laura.pierce [at] Fed
Cicilia Roswardany cicilia.roswardany [at] Assoc
Sumona Sarkar sumona.sarkar [at] Fed
Carl Simon Jr. carl.simon [at] Fed
Tam-Anh Tran tam-anh.tran [at] Assoc
Carlos Turcios carlos.turcios [at] Fed
David Varisco david.varisco [at] Fed
Galip Yiyen galip.yiyen [at] IntlAssoc
Catherine Zander catherine.zander [at] Assoc

Biomarker and Genomic Sciences Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Samantha Maragh Group Leader samantha.maragh [at] Fed
Rachel A. Leaf Group Secretary rachel.leaf [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Adetola Abdulkadir adetola.abdulkadir [at] Assoc
Jamie Almeida jamie.almeida [at] Fed
Camille Daniels camille.daniels [at] Assoc
Paul C. DeRose paul.derose [at] Fed
Nathan Dwarshuis nathan.dwarshuis [at] Fed
Robert N. Goldberg robert.goldberg [at] Assoc
Alexander Gooden alexander.gooden [at] Fed
Hua-Jun He hua-jun.he [at] Fed
Zhiyong He zhiyong.he [at] Fed
Jerilyn Izac jerilyn.izac [at] Fed
Ummey Ramisat-Ul Jannat ummeyramisat-ul.jannat [at] Assoc
Patricia Kiesler maria.kiesler [at] Fed
Natalia Kolmakova natalia.kolmakova [at] Fed
Phani Kuppa phani.kuppa [at] Assoc
Rachel A. Leaf rachel.leaf [at] Fed
Samantha Maragh samantha.maragh [at] Fed
Jennifer McDaniel jennifer.mcdaniel [at] Fed
Sierra Miller sierra.miller [at] Fed
Diane Nelson diane.nelson [at] Fed
Nathanael David Olson nathanael.olson [at] Fed
Simona Patange simona.patange [at] Fed
Vaidehiben Patel vaidehiben.patel [at] Fed
Sumeet Poudel sumeet.poudel [at] Fed
Marc L. Salit salit [at] Assoc
Ayah Shevchenko sofiya.shevchenko [at] Fed
Michael Thomas michael.a.thomas [at] Fed
Linhua Tian linhua.tian [at] Fed
Justin Wagner justin.wagner [at] Fed
Lili Wang [at] Fed
Ningchun Xu ningchun.xu [at] Fed
Yu-Zhong Zhang Assoc
Justin Zook justin.zook [at] Fed

Complex Microbial Systems Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Scott Jackson Group Leader scott.jackson [at] Fed
Kristy Davis Group Secretary kristy.davis [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Nadratun Chowdhury nadratun.chowdhury [at] Fed
Jennifer Dootz jennifer.dootz [at] Fed
Samuel P. Forry samuel.forry [at] Fed
Monique Hunter monique.hunter [at] Fed
Scott Jackson scott.jackson [at] Fed
Ishi Keenum ishi.keenum [at] Assoc
Jason Kralj jason.kralj [at] Fed
Heidi Leonard heidi.leonard [at] Assoc
Stephanie Servetas stephanie.servetas [at] Fed
Lisa Stabryla lisa.stabryla [at] Fed

Cellular Engineering Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Elizabeth Strychalski Group Leader elizabeth.strychalski [at] Fed
Elizabeth Strychalski Group Leader elizabeth.strychalski [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Nina Alperovich nina.alperovich [at] Fed
Kristy Davis kristy.davis [at] Fed
Fernanda Piorino Macruz de Oliveira fernanda.piorinomacruzdeoliveira [at] IntlAssoc
Eugenia Romantseva eugenia.romantseva [at] Fed
David J. Ross david.ross [at] Fed
Samuel Schaffter samuel.schaffter [at] Fed
Elizabeth Strychalski elizabeth.strychalski [at] Fed
Elizabeth Strychalski elizabeth.strychalski [at] Fed
Geoffrey Taghon geoffrey.taghon [at] Fed
Olga Vasilyeva olga.vasilyeva [at] Assoc
Molly Wintenberg molly.wintenberg [at] Fed

Materials Measurement Science Division

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Gabrielle Grossnicklaus Division Office Manager (Acting) gabrielle.grossnicklaus [at] Fed
Cher Davis Division Safety Representative cher.davis [at] Fed
Dave Holbrook Division Chief dave.holbrook [at] Fed

Materials Measurement Science Division - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Robert F. Cook robert.cook [at] Assoc
Dave Holbrook dave.holbrook [at] Fed
Marcela Najarro marcela.najarro [at] Fed
Dale E. Newbury dale.newbury [at] Assoc
John Henry J. Scott johnhenry.scott [at] Fed

Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Chris A. Michaels Group Leader chris.michaels [at] Fed
Valentina Coppola Group Secretary valentina.coppola [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Gregory E. Adams gregory.adams [at] Fed
Michael Bradley Assoc
Steven A. Buntin steven.buntin [at] Fed
Karen DeRocher karen.derocher [at] Fed
Sebastian Engmann sebastian.engmann [at] Assoc
Andrew Gayle andrew.gayle [at] Fed
Terrence J. Jach terrence.jach [at] Fed
Sasawat Jamnuch sasawat.jamnuch [at] IntlAssoc
Frederick Meisenkothen frederick.meisenkothen [at] Fed
Chris A. Michaels chris.michaels [at] Fed
Adam Newberry Ctr
Nicholas Ritchie nicholas.ritchie [at] Fed
Steven W. Robey steven.robey [at] Fed
Charlotte Schmidt Assoc
Keana C. K. Scott keana.scott [at] Fed
Leslie Shimer Assoc
Matthew Sparacino matthew.sparacino [at] Fed
Eric B. Steel eric.steel [at] Assoc
Stephan J. Stranick stephan.stranick [at] Fed
Gregory Sweeney gregory.sweeney [at] Fed
Barbara B. Thorne barbara.thorne [at] Fed
Dayanara Torres dayanara.torres [at] Assoc
Jessica Trimble Assoc
Elizabeth Umeda Assoc
Edward P. Vicenzi edward.vicenzi [at] Fed
Tana Villafana tana.e.villafana [at] Assoc
John Vinson john.vinson [at] Fed
Stephanie Vuckovic Fed
Scott A. Wight scott.wight [at] Fed
Donald Windover donald.windover [at] Fed
Eric S. Windsor eric.windsor [at] Fed

Data and AI-Driven Materials Science Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Francesca Tavazza Group Leader francesca.tavazza [at] Fed
Gabrielle Grossnicklaus Group Secretary gabrielle.grossnicklaus [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Brian DeCost brian.decost [at] Fed
Laura Espinal laura.espinalthielen [at] Fed
Gabrielle Grossnicklaus gabrielle.grossnicklaus [at] Fed
Emily Holcombe emily.holcombe [at] Fed
Howie Joress howie.joress [at] Fed
A. Gilad Kusne aaron.kusne [at] Fed
John Marquardt john.marquardt [at] Assoc
Austin McDannald austin.mcdannald [at] Fed
Behnam Nikoobakht behnam.nikoobakht [at] Assoc
Jason Nunley jason.nunley [at] Assoc
Francesca Tavazza francesca.tavazza [at] Fed
Zachary Trautt zachary.trautt [at] Fed
Camilo Velez Ramirez camilo.velezramirez [at] Assoc

Surface and Trace Chemical Analysis Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Joe Bennett Group Leader joseph.bennett [at] Fed
Lyschelle Mitchell Group Secretary lyschelle.mitchell [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Amarachukwu Agbim amarachukwu.agbim [at] IntlAssoc
Meghan Appley meghan.appley [at] Assoc
Joe Bennett joseph.bennett [at] Fed
Natalie Borga Fed
David S. Bright david.bright [at] Assoc
Amber Burns amber.burns [at] Assoc
Briana Capistran briana.capistran [at] Fed
Edward Carter edward.carter [at] Fed
Ruthmara Corzo ruthmara.corzo [at] Fed
John D. Fassett john.fassett [at] Assoc
William Feeney william.feeney [at] Fed
Robert A. Fletcher robert.fletcher [at] Fed
Thomas P. Forbes thomas.forbes [at] Fed
J Greg Gillen j.gillen [at] Fed
Evan Groopman evan.groopman [at] Fed
Johnny Ho johnny.ho [at] Fed
Jeffrey Lawrence jeffrey.lawrence [at] Fed
Thomas Ledergerber thomas.ledergerber [at] Assoc
Lyschelle Mitchell lyschelle.mitchell [at] Fed
Shin Muramoto shinichiro.muramoto [at] Fed
Colby Ott [at] Fed
Liz Robinson elizabeth.l.robinson [at] Fed
David S. Simons david.simons [at] Assoc
Edward Sisco edward.sisco [at] Fed
Matthew E. Staymates matthew.staymates [at] Fed
Jennifer R. Verkouteren jennifer.verkouteren [at] Assoc
R. Michael Verkouteren r.verkouteren [at] Fed
Todd Williamson todd.williamson [at] Fed
Cynthia J. Zeissler cynthia.zeissler [at] Assoc

Synchrotron Science Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Daniel A. Fischer Group Leader daniel.fischer [at] Fed
Shakeria Glynn Group Secretary shakeria.glynn [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Raymond Browning Ctr
Daniel A. Fischer daniel.fischer [at] Fed
Eliot Gann eliot.gann [at] Assoc
Cherno Jaye cherno.jaye [at] Fed
Johnny Kirkland Ctr
Bruce D. Ravel bruce.ravel [at] Fed
Jean Sweet Assoc
Charles Titus charles.titus [at] Fed
Conan Weiland conan.weiland [at] Fed
Joseph Woicik joseph.woicik [at] Fed

Materials Structure and Data Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Igor Levin Group Leader igor.levin [at] Fed
Jessica Torres Group Secretary (Acting) jessica.torres [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Andrew J. Allen andrew.allen [at] Fed
Joseph Aroh joseph.aroh [at] Fed
David R. Black [at] Fed
Eric J. Cockayne eric.cockayne [at] Fed
Julia Dana julia.dana [at] Ctr
Benjamin Dolata benjamin.dolata [at] Fed
Maksim Eremenko maksim.eremenko [at] IntlAssoc
Kevin Garrity kevin.garrity [at] Fed
Shakeria Glynn shakeria.glynn [at] Fed
Lynnora Grant lynnora.grant [at] Fed
Alice Greenberg Fed
Andrew Herzing andrew.herzing [at] Fed
Kimberly Hill kimberly.hill [at] Ctr
Andrew Iams andrew.iams [at] Assoc
Aaron Johnston-Peck aaron.johnston-peck [at] Fed
Amrit Kafle amrit.kafle [at] IntlAssoc
Victor Krayzman victor.krayzman [at] Assoc
William J. Laws william.laws [at] Fed
Igor Levin igor.levin [at] Fed
Russell Maier russell.maier [at] Fed
Terrell A. Vanderah terrell.vanderah [at] Assoc
Winnie Wong-Ng winnie.wong-ng [at] Fed
Fan Zhang fan.zhang [at] Fed

Nanomechanical Properties Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Yvonne Gerbig Group Leader (Acting) yvonne.gerbig [at] Fed
Jessica Torres Group Secretary jessica.torres [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Brian Bush brian.bush [at] Fed
Cristian Ciobanu cristian.ciobanu [at] Assoc
James Cline james.cline [at] Fed
Richard S. Gates richard.gates [at] Assoc
Yvonne Gerbig yvonne.gerbig [at] Fed
Dylan Kirsch dylan.kirsch [at] Fed
Tamara Koledin tamara.koledin [at] Assoc
David A. LaVan david.lavan [at] Fed
Joshua B. Martin joshua.martin [at] Fed
Mark McLean mark.mclean [at] Fed
Marcus Mendenhall marcus.mendenhall [at] Fed
Ashot Nazarian ashot.nazarian [at] Assoc
William Alexander Osborn william.osborn [at] Fed
Cary Presser cary.presser [at] Assoc
George D. Quinn george.quinn [at] Assoc
Sreenivas Raguraman sreenivas.raguraman [at] IntlAssoc
Lakshmi Ravi Narayan lakshmi.ravinarayan [at] IntlAssoc
Richard E. Ricker richard.ricker [at] Assoc
Gheorghe Stan gheorghe.stan [at] Fed
Ichiro Takeuchi Assoc
Mark D. Vaudin mark.vaudin [at] Assoc
Feng Yi feng.yi [at] Fed

Security Technologies Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Nicholas G. Paulter Jr. Group Leader nicholas.paulter [at] Fed
Gabrielle Grossnicklaus Group Secretary gabrielle.grossnicklaus [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Dwight D. Barry dwight.barry [at] Fed
Aaron M. Forster aaron.forster [at] Fed
Amanda L. Forster amanda.forster [at] Fed
Katarina Goodge katarina.goodge [at] Fed
Shahriar Habib shahriar.habib [at] Assoc
John Jendzurski john.jendzurski [at] Fed
Alexander Landauer alexander.landauer [at] Fed
Maxwell Mevorah maxwell.mevorah [at] Assoc
Nicholas G. Paulter Jr. nicholas.paulter [at] Fed
Michael A. Riley michael.riley [at] Fed
Jack Smith Ctr
Ran Tao ran.tao [at] Assoc
Zois Tsinas zois.tsinas [at] IntlAssoc
Steven Weinman steven.weinman [at] Assoc
Charlotte Wentz charlotte.wentz [at] Fed

Nano Materials Research Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Justin Gorham Group Leader justin.gorham [at] Fed
Jessica Torres Group Secretary jessica.torres [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Tae Joon Cho taejoon.cho [at] Fed
Joseph M. Conny joseph.conny [at] Assoc
Justin Gorham justin.gorham [at] Fed
Vincent A. Hackley vince.hackley [at] Fed
Abigail P. Lindstrom abigail.lindstrom [at] Fed
Chase McCabe Ctr
George Mulholland george.mulholland [at] Assoc
Babak Nikoobakht babak.nikoobakht [at] Fed
Diana Ortiz-Montalvo diana.ortiz-montalvo [at] Fed
John Pettibone john.pettibone [at] Fed
Cedric J. Powell cedric.powell [at] Assoc
Evangelos Tassopoulos Ctr
Jessica Torres jessica.torres [at] Fed

Office of Data and Informatics

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Adam Morey Division Safety Representative adam.morey [at] Fed
Robert Hanisch Division Chief robert.hanisch [at] Fed
Cynthia A. Giaquinto Division Secretary cynthia.giaquinto [at] Fed

Office of Data and Informatics - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Samia Benjida samia.benjida [at] IntlAssoc
Kayla Callaway kayla.callaway [at] Assoc
Itzel Dominguez Mendoza itzel.dominguezmendoza [at] IntlCtr
Robert Hanisch robert.hanisch [at] Fed
Debra L. Kaiser debra.kaiser [at] Fed
Michael Katz michael.katz [at] Fed
Mark Komin Ctr
June W. Lau june.lau [at] Fed
Ronald Maumary Ctr
Eric Montgomery Ctr
Shashi Poddar shashi.poddar [at] Assoc
Alda Yuan alda.yuan [at] Fed

Data Services Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Adam Morey Group Leader adam.morey [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Stuart Chalk stuart.chalk [at] Assoc
Sherena G. Johnson sherena.johnson [at] Fed
Angela Y. Lee angela.lee [at] Fed
Cindy M. McKneely cindy.mckneely [at] Fed
Marcus William Newrock marcus.newrock [at] Fed
Karen Ann Price karenann.price [at] Fed

Data Sciences Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Gretchen Greene Group Leader gretchen.greene [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Chandler A. Becker chandler.becker [at] Fed
Omar Ilias El Mimouni omarilias.elmimouni [at] IntlAssoc
Gretchen Greene gretchen.greene [at] Fed
Chuan Lin chuan.lin [at] Assoc
Peter Linstrom peter.linstrom [at] Fed
Alex Kevin Loembe alexkevin.loembe [at] IntlAssoc
Melvin Martins melvin.martins [at] IntlAssoc
Deoyani Nandrekar Heinis deoyani.nandrekarheinis [at] Ctr
Raymond Plante raymond.plante [at] Fed
Arlin B. Stoltzfus arlin.stoltzfus [at] Fed
Joshua Taillon joshua.taillon [at] Fed

Chemical Sciences Division

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Cher Davis Division Safety Representative cher.davis [at] Fed
Carlos A. Gonzalez Division Chief carlos.gonzalez [at] Fed
Laurell R. Phillips Division Secretary laurell.phillips [at] Fed

Chemical Process and Nuclear Measurements Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Christopher D. Zangmeister Group Leader (Acting) christopher.zangmeister [at] Fed
Patricia Crawford Group Secretary patricia.crawford [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Ronald Bishop Assoc
Donald R. Burgess Jr. donald.burgess [at] Fed
James Carroll Fed
Heather H. Chen-Mayer heather.chen-mayer [at] Fed
Christopher Chiara christopher.chiara [at] Assoc
Patricia Crawford patricia.crawford [at] Fed
Vivek Dwivedi Fed
Evan Jahrman evan.jahrman [at] Fed
Berc Kalanyan berc.kalanyan [at] Fed
Jeffrey A. Manion jeffrey.manion [at] Fed
Chun Ning Mao chunning.mao [at] IntlAssoc
James E. Maslar james.maslar [at] Fed
William Sean McGivern sean.mcgivern [at] Fed
Ana Morales ana.morales [at] Fed
Vladimir L. Orkin vladimir.orkin [at] Fed
Rick L. Paul rick.paul [at] Fed
James Radney james.radney [at] Fed
Nicholas Sharp [at] Fed
Mark Sobolewski mark.sobolewski [at] Fed
Maria Isabel Vega Martinez maria.vegamartinez [at] IntlAssoc
Jamie Weaver jamie.weaver [at] Fed
Christopher D. Zangmeister christopher.zangmeister [at] Fed

Chemical Informatics Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Vincent K. Shen Group Leader vincent.shen [at] Fed
Patricia Crawford Group Secretary patricia.crawford [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Thomas C. Allison thomas.allison [at] Fed
Niksa Blonder niksa.blonder [at] Fed
Rebecca Carlson rebecca.carlson [at] Fed
Alexandros Chremos alexandros.chremos [at] Fed
Harold Hatch harold.hatch [at] Fed
Karl K. Irikura karl.irikura [at] Fed
William P. Krekelberg william.krekelberg [at] Fed
Nathan Mahynski nathan.mahynski [at] Fed
Jared Ragland jared.ragland [at] Fed
David Sheen david.sheen [at] Fed
Vincent K. Shen vincent.shen [at] Fed
Daniel Siderius daniel.siderius [at] Fed

Gas Sensing Metrology Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Jennifer Carney Group Leader jennifer.carney [at] Fed
Mechelle Vinson Group Secretary mechelle.vinson [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Jennifer Carney jennifer.carney [at] Fed
Christina Cecelski christina.cecelski [at] Fed
Cassie Goodman cassie.goodman [at] Fed
Kimberly Harris kimberly.harris [at] Fed
William A. Kimes william.kimes [at] Fed
Philip Liu qingnan.liu [at] Fed
James E. Norris james.norris [at] Fed
Peter Trask peter.trask [at] Fed

Organic Chemical Metrology Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Kate Rimmer Group Leader catherine.rimmer [at] Fed
Christine Kuenzli Group Secretary christine.kuenzli [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Mary Bedner mary.bedner [at] Fed
Bruce A. Benner Jr. bruce.benner [at] Fed
Aysel Berkkan aysel.berkkan [at] IntlAssoc
Johanna Camara johanna.camara [at] Fed
Megan Chambers megan.chambers [at] Fed
Hugh Hayes hugh.hayes [at] Fed
Sanem Hosbas Coskun sanem.hosbascoskun [at] Assoc
Haley Jensen haley.jensen [at] Assoc
Christine Kuenzli christine.kuenzli [at] Fed
Abraham Kuri Cruz abraham.kuricruz [at] IntlAssoc
William A. MacCrehan william.maccrehan [at] Assoc
Jerome Mulloor jerome.mulloor [at] Fed
Jacolin Murray jacolin.murray [at] Fed
Michael Nelson michael.nelson [at] Fed
Melissa M. Phillips melissa.phillips [at] Fed
Benjamin Place [at] Fed
Kate Rimmer catherine.rimmer [at] Fed
Alix Rodowa alix.rodowa [at] Fed
Aaron Urbas aaron.urbas [at] Fed
Juliana Vajda juliana.vajda [at] IntlAssoc
Walter Brent Wilson walter.wilson [at] Fed
Elena Wood elena.wood [at] Fed
Andrea Yarberry andrea.yarberry [at] Fed
Edward Yeager Ctr

Inorganic Chemical Metrology Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Michael R. Winchester Group Leader mwinchester [at] Fed
Roxanne Queen Group Secretary roxanne.queen [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Miguel Aristu Garcia miguel.aristugarcia [at] IntlAssoc
Colleen E. Bryan Sallee colleen.bryansallee [at] Fed
Therese A. Butler therese.butler [at] Assoc
George Caceres george.caceres [at] Assoc
Steven J. Christopher steven.christopher [at] Fed
Elizabeth Crowther elizabeth.crowther [at] Fed
Regina Easley regina.easley [at] Fed
Michael Fong michael.fong [at] Fed
Zhendong Ji zhendong.ji [at] IntlAssoc
Monique Johnson monique.johnson [at] Fed
Madeleine Kawanesicayuga madeleine.kawanesicayuga [at] Assoc
Jenna Klingsick jenna.klingsick [at] Assoc
Rebecca Kraft rebecca.kraft [at] Fed
Brian Lang brian.lang [at] Fed
Jacqueline L. Mann jacqueline.mann [at] Fed
Anthony F. Marlow anthony.marlow [at] Assoc
Korina Menking-Hoggatt korina.menking-hoggatt [at] Fed
John L. Molloy john.molloy [at] Fed
Antonio Montoro Bustos antonio.montorobustos [at] Assoc
Karen E. Murphy karen.murphy [at] Assoc
Kenneth W. Pratt kenneth.pratt [at] Assoc
Roxanne Queen roxanne.queen [at] Fed
Bruce Scruggs bruce.scruggs [at] Fed
Thomas W. Vetter thomas.vetter [at] Fed
Robert D. Vocke Jr. robert.vocke [at] Assoc
Jason Waters jason.waters [at] Fed
Allyson Wesley allyson.wesley [at] Fed
Andrew Wilps andrew.wilps [at] Assoc
Michael R. Winchester mwinchester [at] Fed
Lee L. Yu lee.yu [at] Fed

Chemical Sciences Division - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Iftikhar A. Awan iftikhar.awan [at] Fed
Iftikhar A. Awan iftikhar.awan [at] Fed
Cher Davis cher.davis [at] Fed
David L. Duewer david.duewer [at] Fed
Michael Epstein michael.epstein [at] Fed
Hector Franco Vivas hector.franco [at] IntlAssoc
Carlos A. Gonzalez carlos.gonzalez [at] Fed
Randy Isenburg randy.isenburg [at] Fed
Frank Mari frank.mari [at] Fed
Huong Giang Nguyen huong.nguyen [at] Fed
Laurell R. Phillips laurell.phillips [at] Fed
Lane C. Sander lane.sander [at] Fed
Andre Striegel andre.striegel [at] Fed
YuYe Tong yuye.tong [at] Assoc
Roger D. van Zee roger.vanzee [at] Fed
Stephen Wise stephen.wise [at] Assoc

Biospecimen Science Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Rebecca Pugh Group Leader rebecca.pugh [at] Fed
Laurell R. Phillips Group Secretary (Acting) laurell.phillips [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Amanda Capuano amanda.capuano [at] Fed
Debra Ellisor debra.ellisor [at] Fed
Olivia Franco olivia.franco [at] Fed
Kelly Goetz kelly.goetz [at] Fed
Jennifer Hoguet jennifer.hoguet [at] Fed
Amanda Moors amanda.moors [at] Fed
Jennifer Ness jennifer.ness [at] Fed
Rebecca Pugh rebecca.pugh [at] Fed

Optical Measurements Group

Name Email Staff type
Erin Adkins erin.adkins [at] Fed
D. Michelle Bailey diana.bailey [at] Fed
Eric Crump eric.crump [at] Assoc
Adam Fleisher adam.fleisher [at] Fed
Eisen Gross eisen.gross [at] Assoc
Joseph T. Hodges joseph.hodges [at] Fed
Thomas Howard Assoc
Thomas Howard Assoc
David Long david.long [at] Fed
Zachary Reed zachary.reed [at] Fed
Abneesh Srivastava abneesh.srivastava [at] Fed
Leah Stevenson leah.stevenson [at] Assoc
Mechelle Vinson mechelle.vinson [at] Fed

Biochemical and Exposure Science Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
John Kucklick Group Leader john.kucklick [at] Fed
Laurell R. Phillips Group Office Manager (Acting) laurell.phillips [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Amanda Bayless amanda.bayless [at] Fed
Ashley Boggs-Russell ashley.russell [at] Fed
Carolyn Burdette carolyn.burdette [at] Fed
Fabio Casu fabio.n.casu [at] Fed
Clay Davis clay.davis [at] Fed
Kevin Huncik kevin.huncik [at] Fed
John Kucklick john.kucklick [at] Fed
Jennifer Lynch jennifer.lynch [at] Fed
Ben Neely benjamin.neely [at] Fed
Jessica Reiner jessica.reiner [at] Fed
Tracey Schock tracey.johnston [at] Fed
Katherine Shaw [at] Fed

Biomolecular Measurement Division

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Ross Haynes Division Safety Representative ross.haynes [at] Fed
Michael J. Tarlov Division Chief michael.tarlov [at] Fed
Audrey Loy Division Secretary (Acting) audrey.loy [at] Fed

Biomolecular Measurement Division - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Jill Carbaugh jill.carbaugh [at] Fed
Miral M. Dizdar miral.dizdar [at] Fed
Sarah Huber sarah.huber [at] Fed
Pawel Jaruga pawel.jaruga [at] Fed
Melis Kant melis.kant [at] IntlAssoc
Audrey Loy audrey.loy [at] Fed
Marissa Maley marissa.maley [at] Fed
Michael J. Tarlov michael.tarlov [at] Fed
Rebecca A. Zangmeister rebecca.zangmeister [at] Fed

Biomolecular Structure and Function Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
John Marino Group Leader john.marino [at] Fed
Seung Cho Group Secretary seung.cho [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Christina Bergonzo christina.bergonzo [at] Fed
Robert Brinson robert.brinson [at] Fed
Violeta Burns Casamayor violeta.burnscasamayor [at] Assoc
Nicholas Callahan Assoc
Seung Cho seung.cho [at] Fed
Thomas Cleveland thomas.cleveland [at] Fed
Frank Delaglio frank.delaglio [at] Fed
Darwin Diaz Ctr
David Travis Gallagher travis.gallagher [at] Fed
Goncalo Gouveia goncalojorge.perescardosogouveia [at] Assoc
Alexander Grishaev alexander.grishaev [at] Fed
Syed Hasan Assoc
Svetlana Ikonomova svetlana.ikonomova [at] Fed
Jaekyun Jeon Assoc
Zvi Kelman zvi.kelman [at] Fed
John Marino john.marino [at] Fed
Curtis W. Meuse curtis.meuse [at] Fed
Ella Mihailescu ella.mihailescu [at] Assoc
Subrata Mishra subrata.mishra [at] Fed
William Brad O'Dell william.odell [at] Fed
Brian Pierce Assoc
Fahriye Sari Assoc
Katharina Yandrofski katharina.yandrofski [at] Fed

Bioanalytical Science Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Karen W. Phinney Group Leader karen.phinney [at] Fed
Audrey Loy Group Office Manager audrey.loy [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
David M. Bunk david.bunk [at] Fed
Ashley Beasley Green ashley.beasley [at] Fed
Lisa E. Kilpatrick lisa.kilpatrick [at] Fed
Mark Lowenthal mark.lowenthal [at] Fed
Trina Mouchahoir trina.mouchahoir [at] Fed
Karen W. Phinney karen.phinney [at] Fed
John E. Schiel john.schiel [at] Fed
Illarion Turko illarion.turko [at] Fed

Mass Spectrometry Data Center Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
William E. Wallace Group Leader william.wallace [at] Fed
Sarah Huber Group Office Manager sarah.huber [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Nirina Rabe Andriamaharavo nirina.andriamaharavo [at] Fed
Tallat Bukhari tallat.bukhari [at] Fed
Meghan Burke Harris meghan.burkeharris [at] Fed
Brian Cooper brian.cooper [at] Assoc
Qian Dong qian.dong [at] Fed
Rivado Edah Assoc
Jeffrey Enama Ctr
Edward Erisman edward.erisman [at] Fed
Hugo Garraffo hugo.garraffo [at] Fed
Lewis Geer lewis.geer [at] Fed
Brian Gilmore Ctr
Zachary Goecker zachary.goecker [at] Fed
Hani Habra hani.habra [at] Fed
Weihua Ji weihua.ji [at] Fed
Yuxue Liang yuxue.liang [at] Fed
Yi Liu yi.liu [at] Fed
Tytus Mak tytus.mak [at] Fed
Gary Mallard w.mallard [at] Assoc
Anzor I. Mikaia anzor.mikaia [at] Fed
Yuri Mirokhin yuri.mirokhin [at] Assoc
Pedatsur Neta pedatsur.neta [at] Fed
William Newton Ctr
Quan-Long Pu quan-long.pu [at] Fed
Aliyah Hannah Remoroza aliyahhannah.remoroza [at] Assoc
Concepcion Remoroza concepcion.remoroza [at] Assoc
Sergey Sheetlin sergey.sheetlin [at] Fed
Yamil Simon yamil.simon [at] Fed
Douglas Slotta douglas.slotta [at] Fed
Stephen E. Stein stephen.stein [at] Fed
Dmitrii V. Tchekhovskoi dmitrii.tchekhovskoi [at] Fed
Kelly Telu kelly.telu [at] Fed
Nino G. Todua nino.todua [at] Assoc
Oleg V. Toropov oleg.toropov [at] Fed
Kirill V. Tretyakov kirill.tretyakov [at] Assoc
Ashley Venezia Ctr
William E. Wallace william.wallace [at] Fed
Guanghui Wang [at] Fed
Timothy Warchol Ctr
Edward White V edward.white [at] Assoc
Xinjian (Eric) Yan xinjian.yan [at] Fed
Xiaoyu (Sara) Yang xiaoyu.yang [at] Fed
Zheng Zhang zheng.zhang [at] Fed
Zheng Zhang zheng.zhang [at] Fed
Yufang Zheng yufang.zheng [at] Fed
Adam Zuber adam.zuber [at] Assoc

Applied Genetics Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Peter Vallone Group Leader peter.vallone [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Jennifer Blair jennifer.blair [at] Fed
Lisa Borsuk lisa.borsuk [at] Fed
Megan Cleveland megan.cleveland [at] Fed
Katherine Gettings katherine.gettings [at] Fed
Kevin Kiesler kevin.kiesler [at] Fed
Lauren Mullen lauren.mullen [at] Assoc
Sarah Riman sarah.riman [at] Assoc
Erica Romsos erica.romsos [at] Fed
Becky Steffen becky.steffen [at] Fed
Peter Vallone peter.vallone [at] Fed

Bioprocess Measurements Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Dean C. Ripple Group Leader dean.ripple [at] Fed
Audrey Loy Group Office Manager audrey.loy [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Kyle Anderson kyle.anderson [at] Fed
C Thomas Avedisian thomas.avedisian [at] Assoc
Kurt D. Benkstein kurt.benkstein [at] Fed
Michael J. Carrier michael.carrier [at] Fed
Richard E. Cavicchi richard.cavicchi [at] Fed
Rosa Cromartie rosa.cromartie [at] Fed
John Curry john.curry [at] Ctr
Olesia Gololobova olesia.gololobova [at] Assoc
Jeffrey W. Hudgens jeffrey.hudgens [at] Assoc
Ioannis Karageorgos ioannis.karageorgos [at] Fed
Sean Lehman sean.lehman [at] Fed
Christopher B. Montgomery christopher.montgomery [at] Fed
Dean C. Ripple dean.ripple [at] Fed
Sezin Sayin sezin.sayin [at] IntlAssoc
Stephen Semancik stephen.semancik [at] Fed
Kristen L. Steffens kristen.steffens [at] Fed
Srivalli Telikepalli srivalli.telikepalli [at] Fed
Wyatt N. Vreeland wyatt.vreeland [at] Fed
Yangyang Zhao yangyang.zhao [at] IntlAssoc
Peng Zheng peng.zheng [at] Assoc

Material Measurement Laboratory Office

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Stephanie Hooker Division Chief (Acting) stephanie.hooker [at] Fed
Teresa A. Cronise Division Secretary teresa.cronise [at] Fed

Material Measurement Laboratory - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Nicholas Barbosa nicholas.barbosa [at] Fed
Kate Beers kathryn.beers [at] Fed
Shelby Bowers shelby.bowers [at] Fed
Pamela M. Chu pamela.chu [at] Fed
Teresa A. Cronise teresa.cronise [at] Fed
Michael J. Fasolka michael.fasolka [at] Fed
Stephanie Hooker stephanie.hooker [at] Fed
Joanne Krumel joanne.krumel [at] Fed
Eric K. Lin eric.lin [at] Fed
Dianne L. Poster dianne.poster [at] Fed
Kelsea Schumacher kelsea.schumacher [at] Fed
Jessica Staymates jessica.staymates [at] Fed
Christopher Szakal christopher.szakal [at] Fed
James A. Warren james.warren [at] Fed

The Material Measurement Laboratory Office of Operations Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Frannie Johnson Group Leader (Acting) frannie.johnson [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Erin Abretski erin.abretski [at] Fed
Abhimanyu Ambastha abhimanyu.ambastha [at] IntlAssoc
Gerette Balon gerette.balon [at] Fed
Antonio Banks antonio.banks [at] Ctr
Heather Blache heather.blache [at] Fed
Jessie Cahoon jessie.cahoon [at] Fed
Gregory Carter gregory.carter [at] Fed
Kristen M. Chapman kristen.chapman [at] Fed
Bill Clark william.clark [at] Fed
Kathryn Arden Coogan arden.coogan [at] Fed
Michele A. Cooley michele.cooley [at] Fed
Daniel C. Dender daniel.dender [at] Fed
Lisa Derby lisa.derby [at] Fed
Sergiy Domalevskyy sergiy.domalevskyy [at] Fed
Chrisi-Kay Emeje chrisi-kay.emeje [at] Fed
Mark Etter mark.etter [at] Fed
Stephen W. Freiman stephen.freiman [at] Ctr
Daniel Goetzel daniel.goetzel [at] Fed
Gary R. Hardin gary.hardin [at] Fed
Faith S. Harper faith.harper [at] Fed
Jessica Higgins jessica.higgins [at] Fed
Frannie Johnson frannie.johnson [at] Fed
Manisha Kapur manisha.kapur [at] Ctr
Michael LaRue michael.larue [at] Fed
Ann Leith ann.leith [at] Fed
Julie L. Leonard julie.leonard [at] Fed
Willa Mayns willa.mayns [at] Fed
Matt Nielsen matthew.nielsen [at] Fed
Lori A. Owens lori.owens [at] Fed
Karen Ruan karen.ruan [at] Fed
Kevin B. Runyon kevin.runyon [at] Fed
Jody Sandel jody.sandel [at] Fed
Hratch G. Semerjian hratch.semerjian [at] Assoc
Kim L. Stavish kim.stavish [at] Fed
Jay Torres jairo.torres [at] Fed
Megan Tran megan.tran [at] Fed
Tony Wen xinwei.wen [at] Fed
Yan Zhu yan.zhu [at] Fed

Office of Reference Materials

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Paul C. Bryan Division Safety Representative paul.bryan [at] Fed
Steven J. Choquette Division Chief steven.choquette [at] Fed
Cynthia A. Giaquinto Division Secretary cynthia.giaquinto [at] Fed

Business and Quality Management Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Maria Polakoski Group Leader maria.polakoski [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Jennifer Benkstein jennifer.benkstein [at] Fed
Tracy Arnold Hayat tracy.hayat [at] Fed
Maria Polakoski maria.polakoski [at] Fed
Carolyn Vallone carolyn.vallone [at] Fed

Materials and Physical Services Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Mark P. Cronise Group Leader mark.cronise [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Paul C. Bryan paul.bryan [at] Fed
Mark P. Cronise mark.cronise [at] Fed
Curtis N. Fales curtis.fales [at] Fed
James T. Fort james.fort [at] Fed
Corey D. Hankerson corey.hankerson [at] Fed
Edward Perlson edward.perlson [at] Fed
Stephen Schied Assoc
Ronald Shaw Assoc
Michael Williamson michael.williamson [at] Fed

Office of Reference Materials - HQ

Name Email Staff type
William Dinis Camara william.camara [at] Fed
Steven J. Choquette steven.choquette [at] Fed
Robert Duggan Assoc
Cynthia A. Giaquinto cynthia.giaquinto [at] Fed
Nancy S. Parrish nancy.parrish [at] Fed
Robert L. Watters robert.watters [at] Assoc

Business Application Development, Support, and Security Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Alec Belsky Group Leader alec.belsky [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Alec Belsky alec.belsky [at] Fed
Hong (Sarah) Fang hong.fang [at] Fed
Irfan Hasnat irfan.hasnat [at] Fed
William Kao william.kao [at] Fed
Supriya Khare supriya.khare [at] Fed
Xin (Jennifer) Zeng xin.zeng [at] Fed
Yiting Zheng yiting.zheng [at] Fed

Sales and Customer Services Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Teressa A. Rush-Cover Group Leader teressa.rush-cover [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Christina L. Alexander christina.strickler [at] Fed
Michele L. Buckley michele.buckley [at] Fed
Tatianna Cartnail tatianna.cartnail [at] Fed
Laura McLarney laura.mclarney [at] Fed
Devin M. McMillan devin.mcmillan [at] Fed
Teressa A. Rush-Cover teressa.rush-cover [at] Fed

Publication and Web Services Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Ilse Bercik Group Leader ilse.bercik [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Ilse Bercik ilse.bercik [at] Fed
Ian Mitchell ian.mitchell [at] Fed
Gina Montgomery regina.montgomery [at] Fed
Emily Potts emily.potts [at] Fed

Materials Science and Engineering Division

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Hae-Jeong Lee Division Safety Representative hae-jeong.lee [at] Fed
Mark VanLandingham Division Chief mark.vanlandingham [at] Fed
Lisa Y. Hazel Division Secretary lisa.hazel [at] Fed

Thermodynamics and Kinetics Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Carelyn E. Campbell Group Leader carelyn.campbell [at] Fed
Lisa Y. Hazel Group Secretary (Acting) lisa.hazel [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Anas Abu-Odeh anas.abu-odeh [at] Fed
Benjamin P. Burton benjamin.burton [at] Fed
Carelyn E. Campbell carelyn.campbell [at] Fed
Kamal Choudhary kamal.choudhary [at] Fed
Sugata Chowdhury sugata.chowdhury [at] Assoc
Faical Congo faical.congo [at] IntlAssoc
Nishwanth Gudibandla nishwanth.gudibandla [at] Assoc
Lucas Hale lucas.hale [at] Fed
James Hickman james.hickman [at] Assoc
Ursula R. Kattner ursula.kattner [at] Fed
Trevor Keller trevor.keller [at] Fed
Shahriyar Keshavarz shahriyar.keshavarz [at] Fed
Yuri Mishin yuri.mishin [at] Fed
Kil-Won Moon kil-won.moon [at] Fed
Julio Cesar Pereira Dos Santos juliocesar.pereiradossantos [at] IntlAssoc
Andrew C.E. Reid andrew.reid [at] Fed
Samantha Webster samantha.webster [at] Fed
Daniel Wheeler daniel.wheeler [at] Fed
Maureen E. Williams maureen.williams [at] Fed
Daniel Wines daniel.wines [at] Fed
James Zuback james.zuback [at] Fed

Functional Polymers Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Christopher Soles Group Leader christopher.soles [at] Fed
Sherry Redden Group Secretary (Acting) sherry.redden [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Dustin Baird dustin.baird [at] Assoc
Avery Baumann avery.baumann [at] Fed
Serena Birnbaum serena.birnbaum [at] Assoc
Robert Briber Assoc
Robert Bryant robert.bryant [at] Assoc
Polette Centellas polette.centellas [at] Fed
Edwin P. Chan edwin.chan [at] Fed
Whirang Cho whirang.cho [at] Assoc
Katherine Evans katherine.evans [at] Fed
Douglas M. Fox [at] Assoc
John Hoffman john.hoffman [at] Fed
Gale A. Holmes gale.holmes [at] Fed
Lilian Johnson lilian.johnson [at] Fed
Alamgir Karim Assoc
Andrew Korovich andrew.korovich [at] Fed
Rebecca Lee rebecca.lee [at] Fed
Ryan Nieuwendaal ryan.nieuwendaal [at] Fed
Jan Obrzut jan.obrzut [at] Fed
Vladimir Oleshko vladimir.oleshko [at] Assoc
Ibukunoluwapo Oluwaboro ibukunoluwapo.oluwaboro [at] Assoc
Frederick R. Phelan Jr. frederick.phelan [at] Fed
Marcos Reyes-Martinez marcos.reyes-martinez [at] Fed
Kshitij Sharma IntlAssoc
Christopher Soles christopher.soles [at] Fed
Christopher Stafford chris.stafford [at] Fed
Jiaxi Tang jiaxi.tang [at] Assoc
Jeremiah Woodcock jeremiah.woodcock [at] Fed
Christian Yoon christian.yoon [at] Assoc

Polymers and Complex Fluids Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Vivek Prabhu Group Leader vivek.prabhu [at] Fed
Andrea Salazar Group Secretary andrea.salazar [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Debra Audus debra.audus [at] Fed
Aaron Burkey aaron.burkey [at] Fed
Samantha Chinn samantha.chinn [at] Assoc
Jennifer Clark jennifer.clark [at] Fed
Chris Cooper christopher.cooper [at] Fed
Michael Cromer michael.e.cromer [at] Assoc
Jeffrey Fagan jeffrey.fagan [at] Fed
Charles C. Han charles.han [at] Assoc
Steven D. Hudson steven.hudson [at] Fed
Robert Ivancic robert.ivancic [at] Fed
Shuaijun Li [at] IntlAssoc
Sara Orski sara.orski [at] Fed
Phillip Pickett phillip.pickett [at] Fed
Vivek Prabhu vivek.prabhu [at] Fed
Paul Salipante paul.salipante [at] Fed
Pavel Shapturenka pavel.shapturenka [at] Fed
Jiale Shi jiale.shi [at] IntlAssoc
Christopher Sims christopher.sims [at] Fed
Jeremy Wang [at] Fed
Ming Zheng ming.zheng [at] Fed

Mechanical Performance Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Steven P. Mates Group Leader steven.mates [at] Fed
Kefeye Atnafu Group Secretary kefeye.atnafu [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Ami Ahure Powell louise.ahurepowell [at] Fed
Dilip K. Banerjee dilip.banerjee [at] Fed
Carlos R. Beauchamp carlos.beauchamp [at] Fed
Michael Cox michael.r.cox [at] Assoc
Adam Creuziger adam.creuziger [at] Fed
Saadi Habib saadi.habib [at] Fed
Mark Iadicola mark.iadicola [at] Fed
Jai Won Kim [at] Assoc
Lyle E. Levine lyle.levine [at] Fed
William E. Luecke