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Biosystems and Biomaterials Division Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Sheng Lin-Gibson Division Chief sheng.lin-gibson [at] Fed
Cassie Goodman Division Safety Representative cassie.goodman [at] Fed
Denise R. Shaw Division Secretary [at] Fed

Biomarker and Genomic Sciences Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Samantha Maragh Group Leader samantha.maragh [at] Fed
Rachel A. Leaf Group Secretary rachel.leaf [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Adetola Abdulkadir adetola.abdulkadir [at] Fed
Jamie Almeida jamie.almeida [at] Fed
Sahana Audhithan sahana.audhithan [at] Assoc
Matthew Cole Ctr
Matthew Cole Ctr
Camille Daniels camille.daniels [at] Assoc
Paul C. DeRose paul.derose [at] Fed
Nathan Dwarshuis nathan.dwarshuis [at] Fed
Adil Essahili Ctr
Robert N. Goldberg robert.goldberg [at] Assoc
Alexander Gooden alexander.gooden [at] Fed
Maggie Hampson maggie.hampson [at] Assoc
Hua-Jun He hua-jun.he [at] Fed
Zhiyong He zhiyong.he [at] Fed
Jerilyn Izac jerilyn.izac [at] Fed
Patricia Kiesler maria.kiesler [at] Fed
Dimitri Kolmakov dimitri.kolmakov [at] Assoc
Natalia Kolmakova natalia.kolmakova [at] Fed
Rachel A. Leaf rachel.leaf [at] Fed
Samantha Maragh samantha.maragh [at] Fed
Jennifer McDaniel jennifer.mcdaniel [at] Fed
Sierra Miller sierra.miller [at] Fed
Diane Nelson diane.nelson [at] Fed
Nathanael David Olson nathanael.olson [at] Fed
Simona Patange simona.patange [at] Fed
Vaidehiben Patel vaidehiben.patel [at] Fed
Sumeet Poudel sumeet.poudel [at] Fed
Marc L. Salit Assoc
Ayah Shevchenko sofiya.shevchenko [at] Fed
Linhua Tian linhua.tian [at] Fed
Justin Wagner justin.wagner [at] Fed
Ningchun Xu ningchun.xu [at] Fed
Yu-Zhong Zhang Assoc
Justin Zook justin.zook [at] Fed

Biomaterials Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Nancy Lin Group Leader (Acting) nancy.lin [at] Fed
Carlos Turcios Group Secretary carlos.turcios [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Judith Arcidiacono Fed
Greta Babakhanova greta.babakhanova [at] Fed
Charles Camp [at] Fed
Victoria Chazin victoria.chazin [at] Assoc
Martin Y. M. Chiang martin.chiang [at] Assoc
Sandra M. Da Silva sandra.dasilva [at] Fed
Joy Dunkers joy.dunkers [at] Fed
Bradley Duruttya Ctr
Dawn Henke dawn.henke [at] Assoc
Melis Kant melis.kant [at] Assoc
Firdavs Kurbanov firdavs.kurbanov [at] Assoc
Sang Hak Lee sanghak.lee [at] IntlAssoc
Young Jong Lee youngjong.lee [at] Fed
Nancy Lin nancy.lin [at] Fed
Alshae Logan alshae.logan [at] Fed
Richard McFarland Assoc
Phillipa Nyamali phillipa.nyamali [at] IntlAssoc
Kirsten Parratt kirsten.parratt [at] Fed
Laura Pierce laura.pierce [at] Fed
Sumona Sarkar sumona.sarkar [at] Fed
Carl Simon Jr. carl.simon [at] Fed
Tamunobelema Solomon tamunobelema.solomon [at] IntlAssoc
Tam-Anh Tran tam-anh.tran [at] Assoc
Carlos Turcios carlos.turcios [at] Fed
David Varisco david.varisco [at] Fed
Catherine Zander catherine.zander [at] Assoc

Biosystems and Biomaterials Division - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Kenneth D. Cole kenneth.cole [at] Assoc
Tara Eskandari tara.eskandari [at] Fed
Sheng Lin-Gibson sheng.lin-gibson [at] Fed
William Brad O'Dell william.odell [at] Fed
Anne L. Plant anne.plant [at] Fed
Denise R. Shaw [at] Fed
Lili Wang [at] Fed

Cell Systems Science Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
John T. Elliott Group Leader john.elliott [at] Fed
Angela Furlow Group Secretary angela.furlow [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Anthony Asmar anthony.asmar [at] Fed
Donald H. Atha donald.atha [at] Assoc
Talapady N. Bhat talapady.bhat [at] Fed
Leonardo Buitrago leonardo.buitrago [at] Assoc
John T. Elliott john.elliott [at] Fed
Jason Finley jason.finley [at] Fed
Robert Gutierrez robert.gutierrez [at] Fed
Elizabeth Hackley elizabeth.hackley [at] Assoc
Michael Halter michael.halter [at] Fed
Joseph Hubbard joseph.hubbard [at] Assoc
Mehul Jasti mehul.jasti [at] Assoc
Ramila Joshi ramila.joshi [at] Assoc
Edward Kwee edward.kwee [at] Fed
Mahir Mohiuddin mahir.mohiuddin [at] Fed
Bryant C. Nelson bryant.nelson [at] Fed
Elijah Petersen elijah.petersen [at] Fed
Alexander Peterson alexander.peterson [at] Fed
Vytas Reipa vytautas.reipa [at] Fed
Alessandro Tona alex.tona [at] Fed

Cellular Engineering Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Elizabeth Strychalski Group Leader elizabeth.strychalski [at] Fed
Elizabeth Strychalski Group Leader elizabeth.strychalski [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Nina Alperovich nina.alperovich [at] Fed
Kristy Davis kristy.davis [at] Fed
Jacob Guinn Ctr
Svetlana Ikonomova svetlana.ikonomova [at] Fed
Fernanda Piorino Macruz de Oliveira fernanda.piorinomacruzdeoliveira [at] IntlAssoc
Eugenia Romantseva eugenia.romantseva [at] Fed
David J. Ross david.ross [at] Fed
Samuel Schaffter samuel.schaffter [at] Fed
Elizabeth Strychalski elizabeth.strychalski [at] Fed
Elizabeth Strychalski elizabeth.strychalski [at] Fed
Chad Sundberg Assoc
Geoffrey Taghon geoffrey.taghon [at] Fed
Olga Vasilyeva olga.vasilyeva [at] Assoc
Molly Wintenberg molly.wintenberg [at] Fed

Complex Microbial Systems Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Scott Jackson Group Leader scott.jackson [at] Fed
Kristy Davis Group Secretary kristy.davis [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Nadratun Chowdhury nadratun.chowdhury [at] Fed
Samuel P. Forry samuel.forry [at] Fed
Ian Hines ian.hines [at] Fed
Monique Hunter monique.hunter [at] Fed
Scott Jackson scott.jackson [at] Fed
Ishi Keenum ishi.keenum [at] Assoc
Jason Kralj jason.kralj [at] Fed
Tyler Laird tyler.laird [at] Fed
Heidi Leonard heidi.leonard [at] Assoc
Stephanie Servetas stephanie.servetas [at] Fed
Lisa Stabryla lisa.stabryla [at] Assoc