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Young Jong Lee (Fed)

Research Chemist, Project Leader

Since Young Jong Lee joined NIST in 2006, he has developed new spectral imaging technologies based on coherent Raman scattering and infrared (IR) absorption. His recent research has focused on the development of the quantitative and structural measurement for complex materials and biological systems. (


Development of New Measurement Technology

Therapeutic Proteins

Soft Matter Physics

Cell Systems and Tissues

  • Label-free functional imaging of stem cells for regenerative medicine
  • Chemical imaging of biofilms and bacterial systems
  • Quantitative spectral identification of live cells
3D orientation angle images of a PCL film
(a) 3D orientation angle images of a polycaprolactone (PCL) film deformed by shearing force by polarization IR microscopy [Macromolecules (2022)] (b) Isothermal aggregation kinetics of a low-pI mAb solution at 60 ºC monitored by light scattering [J. Pharmaceut. Sci. (2023)]. (c) Asynchronous 2DCOS maps of two IR peaks of a PCL film with respect to polarization angle [Macromolecules (2022)]. (d) IR spectra of NISTmAb and BSA solutions by the high-sensitivity SAC-IR spectrometer [Anal. Chem. (2021)]. (e) POM image of a HDPE film and 3D orientation angle images constructed by polarization BCARS microscopy [J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2022)].


Postdocs (Guest Researchers): open to either non-US citizens or US citizens.

NRC Postdoctoral Fellowship: US citizens only. Please visit the following opportunities.

If interested in any projects described above, please email at youngjong.lee [at] (youngjong[dot]lee[at]nist[dot]gov).


  • S. Xu, Y. Jin, Y. J. Lee, 3D orientation imaging of polymer chains with polarization-controlled coherent Raman microscopy, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 144, 23030 (2022).
  • S. Xu, J. Rowlette, Y. J. Lee, Imaging 3D molecular orientation by orthogonal-pair polarization IR microscopy, Opt. Express 30, 8436 (2022).
  • B. Chon, S. Xu, Y. J. Lee, Compensation of Strong Water Absorption in Infrared Spectroscopy Reveals the Secondary Structure of Proteins in Dilute Solutions. Anal. Chem. 93, 2215 (2021).
  • Y. J. Lee, S. L. Vega, P. J. Patel, K. A. Aamer, P. V. Moghe, M. T. Cicerone, Quantitative, Label-Free Characterization of Stem Cell Differentiation at the Single-Cell Level by Broadband Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Microscopy, Tissue Eng. Part C 20, 562 (2014).
  • Y. J. Lee, C. R. Snyder, A. M. Forster, M. T. Cicerone, W. Wu, Imaging the Molecular Structure of Polyethylene Blends with Broadband Coherent Raman Microscopy, ACS Macro Lett. 1, 1347 (2012).
  • Y. J. Lee, Y. Liu, M. T. Cicerone, Characterization of 3-Color CARS in a 2-Pulse Broadband CARS Spectrum. Opt. Lett. 32, 3370 (2007).


Patents (2018-Present)

This is a line drawing for patent number 10,625,470

3D Printing of Composition-Controlled Copolymers

NIST Inventors
Young Jong Lee
A computer-controlled method for forming a composition-controlled product using 3D printing includes disposing two or more liquid reactant compositions in respective two or more reservoirs; and mixing the two or more liquid reactant compositions, which in turn includes controlling by the computer a
Schematic comparison of the conventional approach and this invention for a sample (analyte + solvent) with a strong solvent absorption band in the spectral range of interest.

Spectrum Adjuster and Producing a Pure Analyte Spectrum

NIST Inventors
Young Jong Lee
A spectrum adjuster produces a pure analyte spectrum and includes: a dynamic opacity optic that receives input light, receives an adjustment signal, produces primary adjusted light, and produces secondary adjusted light from the input light based on the adjustment signal; a light source in optical
Created July 30, 2019, Updated March 27, 2023