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Stakeholder event on the EU-U.S. TTC Joint Roadmap for Trustworthy AI and Risk Management
In this joint stakeholder event, held virtually on February 16 , the EU and U.S. explained and guided stakeholders through the EU-U.S. TTC Joint Roadmap for Trustworthy AI and Risk Management, outlined next steps for EU-U.S. cooperation, and provided participants with the opportunity to partake in a Q&A session with EU and U.S. experts involved in this policy stream.

The Standards Coordination Office (SCO) just published A Guide to United States Personal Protective Equipment Compliance Requirements. This Guide addresses compliance requirements for personal protective Equipment (PPE) used in the workplace, except for PPE used in a nuclear or medical setting. Several U.S. federal agencies administer regulations associated with Personal Protective Equipment. View a list our sector-specific industry guides.  

Penn Program on Regulation launches a new curricular resource site that showcases the importance of voluntary codes and standards

The University of Pennsylvania Law School and Penn Program on Regulation (PPR) received two awards under the NIST Standards Services Curricula Development Cooperative Agreement Program to develop course modules and case studies on legal and administrative issues related to codes and standards. The curricula is now available on a new website,, and can be used to integrate the study of codes and standards into core and elective courses in law schools and public policy graduate programs. The content is organized into five segments:(1) Introduction to Codes and Standards; (2) Standard Essential Patents; (3) Incorporation by Reference; (4) Risk Regulation; and (5) Federal Preemption. All of the materials needed to support one or more class modules are provided. This project was funded under the NIST Standards Services Curricula Development Cooperative Agreement Program.

U.S.-EU TTC Event: How Standards help SMEs to Innovate, Compete, and Grow (TTC WG1/WG9 SME Webinar)
Standards enable Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to innovate and grow while addressing the safety, quality, and interoperability of their products and services. U.S. and EU government and private sector representatives met for a webinar on December 13 to discuss technology standards-related best practices and available resources for SMEs. This webinar was organized 
by the European Commission as part of the U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council. 

NIST Awards Funding to Five Universities to Advance Standards Education
NIST has made five awards totaling nearly $500,000 to support standards education in undergraduate and graduate level curricula. The disciplines supported by this year’s awards include aerospace; robotics; sustainability, infrastructure improvement and resilience; nanomaterials engineering; and building information modeling.    



Quick Links is administered by the Standards Coordination Office (SCO) at NIST. This site provides:  

  • background materials and resources on the documentary standards and conformity assessment landscape that are useful for industry and academia; 

  • useful documentary standards and conformity assessment information freely available to the general public; and

  • information about the use of documentary standards and conformity assessment activities in the Federal government. 

Standards provide industries and innovators with a common language that facilitates trade, simplifies transactions and enables people to work together toward greater common goals that cut across disciplines and borders. NIST supports the development of standards by identifying areas where they are needed, convening stakeholders and providing technical and scientific guidance and expertise to help stakeholder groups reach a consensus.

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ABC's of Conformity Assessment

Lisa J. Carnahan, Amy L. Phelps
The Standards Coordination Office periodically publishes information related to standards and conformity assessment as a service to producers and users of such

Projects and Programs

U.S. TAG for ISO/TC276: Biotechnology

The primary goal of the US Technical Advisory Group (US TAG) to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee (TC) 276 Biotechnology


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