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U.S. TAG for ISO/TC276: Biotechnology


The primary goal of the US Technical Advisory Group (US TAG) to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee (TC) 276 Biotechnology is to enhance the global competitiveness of US business and the American quality of life by promoting and facilitating voluntary consensus standards and ensuring their integrity in Biotechnologies. NIST administers the US TAG to ISO/TC276 Biotechnology as a means to coordinate national and international standards activities for existing and emerging biotechnology sectors. The US TAG, accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), is guided by the ANSI cardinal principles of consensus, due process, and openness. We look to create and maintain a TAG membership that represents a balance of US biotechnology interests.

The US TAG enables data gathering and consensus among a diverse range of stakeholders--it consists of participating and observing member organizations representing producers, users/consumers, government, academia and professional entities.





US TAG Organization


The US TAG "mirrors" the structure of ISO/TC 276 in that the US TAG and its five US TAG Working Groups (WGs) correspond to the TC and each of the five international WGs. Subject matter experts (SMEs) from Member and Observer Organizations participate in standards development in at least one of the five US TAG Working Groups:

WG1: Terminology
WG2: Biobanks and Bioresources
WG3: Analytical Methods
WG4: Bioprocessing
WG5: Data Processing and Integration 


ISO/TC 276 has formal liaison with a number of other ISO Technical Committees as well as professional organizations. The US TAG also coordinates with several standard committees and organization, including ASTM. A full list of official liaison can be found here.

How to get involved:

Interested US Stakeholders may participate in the US TAG at no cost. Membership provides access to all ISO/TC 276 and US TAG documents, including standards under development. Please click clare.allocca [at] (here) for membership inquiry.


Please click here to check out useful information.


Chair: sheng.lin-gibson [at] (subject: , body: ) (Sheng Lin-Gibson),
TAG Administrator: Clare Allocca


Created January 20, 2015, Updated February 7, 2020