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Upcoming Ballots to ISO/TC276: Biotechnology

This table contains a summary of upcoming ballots.   Please use the links in the second or third columns to place your votes in the appropriate SurveyMonkey ballot (for TC276 ballots) or ISO Portal (for WG consultations) by the date indicated in bold.


TC 276 Ballots:

  • Ballot link:  leads to a short SurveyMonkey survey in which you may vote and upload any comments (using the ISO commenting template included among the ballot files
  • Ballot files link: leads to the US TAG to ISO/TC276 Google Drive location of reference files (typically the draft and a blank commenting template) for the particular ballot

WG Consultations:

  • Consultation link: leads to a short SurveyMonkey survey in which you may vote and upload any comments
  • Consultation files link: leads to the US TAG to ISO/TC276 Google Drive location of reference files for the particular consultation  (typically the draft and a blank commenting template)

Ballots are open to all U.S. TAG members, click here to learn how to get involved. If you have any questions, please contact Clare (clare.allocca [at] or Sheng (sheng.lin-gibson [at]

Relevant WG TC276 Ballots WG Consultations Project Open US Experts -Please submit by: Ballot/Consultation Closure Files
3 Ballot: DIS 20688-2   ISO/DIS 20688-2 Biotechnology — Nucleic acid synthesis — Part 2: General definitions and requirements for the production and quality control of synthesized gene fragments, genes, and genomes 17-Feb-23 5-May-23 12-May-23 Ballot files
3 Ballot: CD 24479   ISO/CD 24479 Biotechnology — Minimum requirements for cellular morphological analysis — Image capture, image processing, and morphometry 18-Mar-23 6-May-23 13-May-23 Ballot files
3 Ballot: FDIS 24421   ISO/FDIS 24421 Biotechnology — Minimum requirements for optical signal measurements in photometric methods for biological samples 22-Mar-23 10-May-23 17-May-23 Ballot files
3   Consultation: WD 8934 ISO/AWI 8934 Biotechnology — General considerations and requirements for cell viability analytical methods — Part 1: Mammalian cells 25-Apr-23 20-May-23 23-May-23 Ballot files
4 Ballot: Convernorship WG4   Convenorship extension for WG4 27-Apr-23 23-May-23 24-May-23 Ballot files
All Ballot: CAG Convenor   Appointment of Dr. Ricardo Gent as CAG Convenor 4-May-23 28-May-23 31-May-23 None
3   Consultation: WD 20397-3 ISO/AWI 20397-3 Biotechnology — Massively parallel sequencing — Part 3: General requirements and guidance for metagenomics 13-Apr-23 29-May-23 1-Jun-23 Ballot files
3 Ballot: SR 20391-1   ISO 20391-1:2018 Biotechnology — Cell counting — Part 1: General guidance on cell counting methods 15-Jan-23 29-May-23 4-Jun-23 Ballot files
5 Ballot: PWI 8472-3.2   ISO/PWI 8472-3.2 Biotechnology — Data interoperability for stem cell data — Part 3: Schema of the database structure 18-Apr-23 4-Jul-23 11-Jul-23 Ballot files
Created September 8, 2022, Updated May 8, 2023