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NIST supports the safety, interoperability, and resilience of the Nation’s core infrastructure, including power, transportation, water, and telecommunications.

NIST develops new measurement techniques and disseminates reference materials and data that support assessment of and innovation in performance and resilience of the built environment. NIST’s support for code and standards development helps ensure quality and safety in buildings and roads, and promotes interoperability in infrastructure systems. NIST also works with stakeholders throughout the infrastructure sector to help accelerate the deployment of new technologies, including assessments that can aid the prioritization of repairs or rebuilding.

The Research

Projects & Programs

Polymer Composites

The purpose of this project is to quantify the role that the fiber-matrix interphase plays in initiating and propagating damage in polymer matrix composites

Pipeline Safety

Our goal is to provide standard test methods and critical data to the pipeline industry to improve safety and reliability. Of particular interest is the testing

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Resilient Cedar Rapids: Rebuilding Better Pays Off

Many cities in the United States have experienced or will experience devastating losses caused by a natural disaster. In the aftermath of a disaster, the question communities grapple with is how to invest in recovery. Understandably, the focus tends to be on building back as quickly as possible. But it may actually make more economic sense to rebuild better than before. In June 2008, the

Tornadoes Are Deadly. These New Building Codes Will Save Lives.

Spotlight: NIST Researchers Are Helping Make Communities More Resilient Through Wind Tunnel Testing of Building Models

NIST Publishes Automated Vehicles Workshop Report

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