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Assessing Standards Needs

NIST works with the broader stakeholder community to identify standards needed for biotechnology and biomanufacturing.  NIST engages stakeholders through NIST-led consortia, partnerships and public workshops.

Standards for Regenerative Medicine and Advanced Therapies (RMAT)

 NIST supports and collaborates with the Standards Coordinating Body for Regenerative Medicine (SCB) that coordinates standards for regenerative medicine and advanced therapies and hosts a standards portal cataloguing existing standards.

Engineering Biology Metrics and Technical Standards for the Global Bioeconomy

NIST contributed to this Engineering Biology Research Consortium (EBRC)-led effort to identify a variety of standards and metrics that are most needed to advance the global bioeconomy.  The effort identified standards that are needed to enable scale-up capabilities, to improve reproducibility across batches and geographies and to enhance the performance of Microbial factories and bio-products.  The workshop report is available from EBRC.


NIST regularly hosts public workshops that continuously identify standardization needs, gaps and opportunities.  Selected recent workshops include:

Created May 1, 2024, Updated May 13, 2024