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Network of NIST Consortia

NIST leads and participates in multiple consortia as a form of public–private partnership.  NIST plans to launch additional consortia for jointly developing new pre-competitive measurement solutions and standards for biotechnology and biomanufacturing.

Illustrative network diagram with a central circle of emerging topics connected to six consortia that NIST either leads or contributes to with further connection to non-consortium activities.  Each consortium and activity connects to multiple participants.
Emerging topics motivating multiple NIST-led and NIST-contributing consortia and activities for advancing bioeconomy standards.

Each NIST-Led consortium addresses a specific set of measurement challenges, typically organized around a platform technology such as flow cytometry, genome editing or rapid microbial testing.  NIST also continues to connect various consortia to address sector-specific challenges to the accelerated manufacturing and streamlined testing needed for new biotechnology products to reach market.

Selected NIST-Led Consortia

Created May 1, 2024, Updated May 5, 2024