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Data for the Bioeconomy

NIST is working to develop a broad strategy to promote FAIR Guiding Principles for Scientific Data and maximize the usability and interoperability of data for the bioeconomy.  Data standards are integral to the overall data strategy.

Infographic conveying the concept that Stakeholders across the economy are supported by three pillars, left – biotechnology and biomanufacturing R and D, center – research data management including the four subtopics digital and data assets, data and metadata standards, data infrastructure, and tools and right  - domain expertise and partnership.  These pillars rest on a foundation composed of both Data Privacy and Security and AI Risk Management.
Laying the foundations of Data Privacy and Security and AI Risk Management enables Research Data Management along with the complementary pillars of Biotech Manufacturing and Domain Expertise and Partnership to support all stakeholder groups.

Research Data Management: Vision and Goals

  •  Optimize outputs by integrating research data management (RDM) across measurement space.
  • Strengthen data reuse and interoperability.
  • Enable data driven discovery and access.
  • Enable custom and/or shared laboratory workflows that promote end-to-end automation.
  • Enable the development and realization of digital twins.
Created May 1, 2024, Updated May 5, 2024