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BBD is advancing biometrology and engineering biology by delivering state-of-the-art measurement capabilities through the integration of its expertise in metrology with automation, ML/AI, and experimental design. Examples of specific automation facilities and automated workflows in BBD include the Living Measurement Systems Foundry (LMSF) and the Prototype  Cell Assay Measurement Platform (PCAMP).

To support the dissemination of best practices and the broader adoption of automation for biometrology and engineering biology, BBD participates in the Global Biofoundry Alliance and engages in active outreach with industry, academic, and government stakeholders.

CURRENT ACTIVIties and products

NIST Foundry for Living Measurement Systems

Living Measurement Systems Foundry (LMSF) – enables high-throughput, in vivo characterization of the function of engineered proteins and their effects on cell fitness. 


Prototype  Cell Assay Measurement Platform (PCAMP) – enables the execution of large design-of-experiment (DoE) layouts to directly identify and evaluate the sources of variability in  bioassays and facilitate the generation of high-quality assay protocols for research and industrial applications.

Nucleic Acid Library Preparation

Nucleic Acid Library Preparation – enables the preparation of libraries of DNA and RNA for sequencing and other applications, in a manner compatible with subsequent high-throughput, automated measurements.

Created February 21, 2020, Updated February 25, 2020