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Core Capabilities

BBD Core Capabilities with no background

BBD advances biometrology and engineering biology by integrating state-of-the-art measurement capabilities with automation and ML/AI.

  • Biometrology: identification, detection, and quantification of nucleic acids, proteins, cells, and other biological entities and systems
  • Engineering biology: application of engineering design principles and practices to biological systems, including molecular and cellular systems, to advance fundamental understanding of complex natural systems and to enable novel functions and capabilities

BBD’s core capabilities support a technical portfolio that includes both mammalian and microbial systems, their components, and systems. Our programs are designed to be agile and address the most pressing needs within the rapidly evolving biotechnology industries. Our core measurements serve a number of applications including engineering biologyadvanced therapies, precision medicine, and microbiome measurements. For more information about our Primary Focus Areas, please click here. 

    Core Biometrology Capabilities

    Core Engineering Biology Capabilities

    Major Biometrology, Engineering Biology, Biomanufacturing Platforms

      Created September 14, 2016, Updated September 5, 2023