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BBD's current patented technologies are highlighted below. Please contact the NIST Technology Partnership Office for more information about technology transfer and partnering opportunities.  

Application Title


Patent #


3D printing of composition-controlled copolymers Sun, Jirun; Lee, Young Jong 10,625,470 ADA Foundation
Dielectrophoretic cell capture Gordon, Jennifer; Reyes-Hernandez, Darwin R.; Dittrich, Petra S; Hanke, Conni; Elliott, John T.; Gaitan, Michael 9,101,939 NIST
Foldable microfluidic devices using double-sided tape Cooksey, Gregory A; Atencia-Fernandez, Francisco Javier 9,162,226 NIST
Gradient elution isotachophoretic apparatus for separating, purifying, concentrating, quantifying, and/or extracting charged analytes and methods thereof Ross, David J.; Strychalski, Elizabeth; Henry, Alyssa C.; Konek, Christopher T 10,067,088 Applied Research Associates
Gradient elution moving boundary electrophoresis for use with complex samples and detection of toxins Ross, David J.; Henry, Alyssa C.


Applied Research Associates
Knowledge management system and process for managing knowledge Elliott, John T.; Bhat, Talapady N.; Kattner, Ursula R.; Campbell, Carelyn E.; Sriram, Ram D.; Subrahmanian Eswaran; Collard, Jacob; Monarch, Ira 10,872,122 NIST
Methods and apparatus for transplantation of nucleic acid molecules Strychalski, Elizabeth; Mershin, Andreas; Gershenfeld, Neil; Pelletier, James F.; Glass, John I. 9,834,747 MIT
Mouse cell line authentication Cole, Kenneth D.; Almeida, Jamie L


Process for making an asymmetric fluorophore Elliott, John T.; Arnatt, Christopher 9,951,271 NIST
Spectrum adjuster and producing a pure analyte spectrum Lee, Young Jong 10,345,226 NIST
Using machine learning and/Or neural networks to validate stem cells and their derivatives (2-d cells and 3-d tissues) For use in cell therapy and tissue engineered products Simon Jr., Carl G.; Schaub, Nicholas; Bharti, Kapil; Hotaling, Nathan 11,531,844 NIH
Created March 18, 2020, Updated March 7, 2023