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Cell Measurements

Cells (from the Allen Institute for Cell Science) are expressing a chromosomal marker, H2B, which is a histone protein. Cells that are dividing can be distinguished by the appearance of their fluorescence.  By imaging live cells over long times we can quantify the number of cells, the number of dividing cells, and the time between cell divisions, and we can study how colonies change over time, and how location within a colony may influence cell division. We also use the fluorescence data in training neural networks so that phase contrast images of non-labeled cells can be quantified.

Cell-based therapies  are changing the paradigm for treating diseases and injuries. However, there is a need for reliable methods to assess attributes of cell-based products.  Regulatory filings contain many types of measurement data to define product quality, safety and efficacy.  For mammalian cells, measurements of cell count, viability, and function are major parts of these datasets.  In addition, there is the need to advance our measurement technologies to better support product characterization and assist the development and monitoring of manufacturing pipelines. At BBD, we develop measurement assurance strategies and technologies to improve confidence in cell measurements that support standards development, and we also engage in basic research that enables characterization and commercialization of cell-based products. 

Current Activities and Products

Created January 14, 2015, Updated March 14, 2023