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About BBD

NIST Foundry for Living Measurement Systems

 BBD is focused on advancing measurement science and technology to accelerate translation and commercialization of emerging biotechnologies, including engineering biology, in support of the bioeconomy.  Working with industry and other partners, our multi-disciplinary teams develop metrology and data-driven standards, reference materials, reference data, and protocols by integrating state-of-the-art automation, analytical methods, and ML/AI as platforms for innovation and standardization. Click here for an overview video of the Division.


To foster innovation and build confidence in quantitative biology and biomaterial measurements across government and industry in support of the bioeconomy.


  1. Development of advanced biometrology for quantification of complex living systems and processes
  2. Development of Design-Build-Test-Learn approaches for tools and platforms with predictive capabilities to advance innovation and the bioeconomy
  3. Development of standards and the necessary infrastructure to accelerate technology development 


Created March 13, 2018, Updated February 28, 2020