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Reference Data

The Biosystems and Biomaterials Division (BBD) develops measurement technologies to bolster the bioeconomy and foster innovation. To support these efforts, BBD staff acquire, generate, and verify numerous types of data products, ranging from "working data" to Standard Reference Data (SRD). Below you will find a variety of publicly available datasets, ranging from genomic benchmarks to SEM imagery. Unless otherwise noted, products listed below are not considered Standard Reference products and provided as is.

Standard Reference Data

Data Products

GIABGenome in a Bottle benchmarks and datasets to assess human genome sequencing and bioinformaticsZook
DiameterJReference images for validating image analysis measurements of fiber diameter in scanning electron micrographs: this article provides several sets of test images that can be used to develop or validate new fiber analysis algorithmsSimon
zeno 3d
3D Cell-Scaffold InteractionsThe chemical, structural and mechanical properties of the scaffold influence cell function, and these effects are dependent on the morphologies that cells take on during scaffold culture.”Simon
3D Stem Cell MorphologiesOnline interface for browsing and viewing a library of 3D stem cell morphologiesSimon
3D Cell
3D Image DataRaw and processed data of 1000 z-stacks of human bone marrow stromal cells cultured in 10 different microenvironments.  Includes both raw and processed data for 2 channels: cytoskeleton and nucleus.Simon
Optical absorption pseudocolor image of RPE cells
Absorbance ImagingReference images for training artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze absorbance images of cells to predict their functionSimon

Curated Data Collections

Created April 3, 2016, Updated May 1, 2024