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Justin Zook

Dr. Justin Zook is co-leading the Genome in a Bottle Consortium’s work developing authoritatively characterized human genomes to benchmark sequencing methods. He developed methods to compare and integrate whole genome DNA sequencing data from multiple platforms and sequencing runs to characterize the first whole human genome Reference Materials.  He is now leading the GIAB Analysis Team work combining short, linked, and long read sequencing technologies to characterize structural variation and challenging regions of the genome.  He is an Informatics Representative to the Association for Molecular Pathology Clinical Practice Committee. In addition, he chaired the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health Benchmarking Team, which published best practices for benchmarking genome sequencing results in 2019. He wrote a blog about his NIST work.  


Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)
NIST Judson C. French Award
Council for Chemical Research Rising Star Award
NIST/NRC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship


Created September 24, 2019