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Nadratun Chowdhury (Fed)

Nadrat Chowdhury is an NIST-NRC Postdoctoral Researcher in the Complex Microbial Systems Group. She is mentored by Sam Forry. She obtained her PhD at Duke University in Environmental Engineering, where she studied the behavior of antibiotic resistance genes in the natural environment by employing techniques in microbial culture, molecular biology and particle physics.

At NIST, Nadrat’s research consists of developing methods to obtain quantitative measurements of horizontal gene transfer in microbial populations. She is also working to standardize platforms for rapid and high throughput testing of microbial culture using droplet technology and microfluidics.


Chowdhury, N. and Wiesner, M. (2021). "Persistence and Environmental Relevance of Extracellular Antibiotic Resistance Genes: Regulation by Nanoparticle Association." Environmental Engineering Science 38(12): 1129-1139.

Chowdhury, N.; Cox, A.; Wiesner, M. Nanoparticles as vectors for antibiotic resistance: the association of silica nanoparticles with environmentally relevant extracellular antibiotic resistance genes. Science of the Total Environment 2021.

Young, M.; Chowdhury, N.; Garver, E.; Evans, P.; Popat, S.; Rittmann, B.; Torres, C. Understanding the Impact of Operational Conditions on Performance of Microbial Peroxide Producing Cells. Journal of Power Sources 2017.

Created December 21, 2021, Updated December 9, 2022