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Simona Patange (Fed)

NRC Postdoctoral Research Associate

Simona Patange, Ph.D. joined the Biomarker and Genomic Sciences Group as part of the NIST Genome Editing Program led by Dr. Samantha Maragh. Simona conducted her Ph.D. research as a joint collaboration between the University of Maryland and the National Institutes of Health through the UMD-NCI Partnership for Integrative Cancer Research. In her dissertation, she utilized optogenetic engineering with quantitative live-cell microscopy to determine how the MYC oncogene alters transcription events and transcription factor binding dynamics in human cells.

At NIST, Simona coordinates projects on cell-based specificity measurements for the NIST Genome Editing Consortium. The aim of her NRC postdoctoral research is to develop quantitative single-cell metrics to characterize on- and off- target activity of CRISPR gene editing systems.

Research interests

  • Genome editing measurement assurance
  • CRISPR-Cas editing systems
  • NIST Genome in a Bottle cell characterization measurements
  • Quantitative fluorescence microscopy
  • Single-cell imaging and analysis


Google Scholar Profile

Patange S, Ball DA, Wan Y, Karpova TS, Girvan M, Levens D, Larson DR. MYC amplifies gene expression through global changes in transcription factor dynamics, 2021. In revision.

Patange S, Ball DA, Karpova TS, Larson DR. Towards a ‘spot on’ understanding of transcription in the nucleus. Journal of Molecular Biology, 2021, 433:167016.

Patange S, Girvan M, Larson DR. Single-cell systems biology: Probing the basic unit of information flow. Current Opinion in Systems Biology, 2018, 8:7-15.

Martina M, Diab H, Jeong-A L, Lishu L, Patange S, Raben N, Puertollano R. The Nutrient-Responsive Transcription Factor TFE3 Promotes Autophagy, Lysosomal Biogenesis, and Clearance of Cellular Debris. Science Signaling, 2014, 7:1-15.

Created December 9, 2020, Updated July 23, 2021