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William Brad O'Dell



  • National Research Council Postdoctoral Associateship
  • NC State University Molecular and Structural Biochemistry BD–A.R. Main Award for Student Research
  • UT-Battelle Graduate Student Researcher Award
  • The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi
  • US National Science Foundation Integrative Graduate Education and Research Trainee
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory GO! Graduate Opportunities Studentship
  • NC State University Molecular and Structural Biochemistry Samuel Tove Award for Student Teaching
  • Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship for emerging scientists, engineers and mathematicians
  • Phi Beta Kappa Society


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  • W.B. O’Dell, D.C. Baker and S.E. McLain.  “Structural Evidence for Inter-residue Hydrogen Bonding Observed for Cellobiose in Aqueous Solution.”  PLoS One. 2012 7, 10, e45311.


Created October 2, 2019, Updated December 3, 2019