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Greta Babakhanova, Ph.D. (Fed)



Greta Babakhanova is a Physicist in the Biomaterials Group. Previously she was a NIST-NRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow working with her advisor, Dr. Carl G. Simon Jr. Her current objective is to develop robust standard protocols for measuring cell viability in three-dimensional scaffolds.

She completed her PhD in Chemical Physics from the Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State University in 2019. Her dissertation research was performed in the lab of Dr. Oleg D. Lavrentovich where Greta worked on characterizing twist-bend nematic liquid crystals using electro- and magneto-optical methods as well as electron microscopy techniques. She also developed stimuli-responsive elastomer coatings with pre-determined surface topographies.





  • National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2019 - 2021
  • Graduate Student Research Award, Kent State University, 2018
  • Graduate Student Research Award, Kent State University, 2017
  • Undergraduate Research Grant, 2012


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 *Formerly known as Greta Cukrov


  • MML Postdoctoral Fellow Accolade, 2022
  • PEAR Service Accolade, 2022
  • Glenn H. Brown Prize, The International Liquid Crystal Society, 2020
  • Bayer Science and Education Foundation Fellow, 2019
  • Selected participant of the 69th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, 2019


Sensor Technologies for Quality Control in Engineered Tissue Manufacturing

Mary Clare McCorry, Marcie Black, Chrysanthi Williams, Greta Babakhanova, Sumona Sarkar, Nathan Swami, Katherine A. Mirica, Sarah Boermeester, Abbie Underhill
The use of engineered cells, tissues, and organs has the opportunity to change the way injuries and diseases are treated. Commercialization of these
Created June 4, 2019, Updated April 30, 2024