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Biomaterials Group

The Biomaterials Group develops methods and reference materials for characterizing interactions of materials and biological systems.


Biomaterials Group

The Biomaterials Group develops advanced measurement capabilities and measurement assurance strategies for characterizing biomaterials, biological systems, and their interactions. Our work aims to provide quantitative measurement and prediction of chemical, physical, structural, and mechanical properties on multiple length and time scales. One major focus is the development of non-linear optical spectroscopy and imaging methods for extracting statistically significant information from biological and material systems. Recent developments include rapid broadband coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (BCARS) microscopy of cells, tissues, and materials; novel spectroscopy for probing higher order molecular structures and orientation; and new methods for probing fast molecular dynamics. We also integrate experimental and computational approaches to understand multiple material properties during polymerization to enable better materials design through chemical and processing controls. In addition, we develop measurement assurance strategies to obtain high confidence results when measuring cells (mammalian and bacterial), materials, and their interactions.  Collectively, these efforts are expected to facilitate the development and translation of new diagnostics and advanced therapeutics (protein and cell-based), enable better biothreat detection, and improve the performance of biomaterials.

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    Tissue Engineering—Our goal is to develop reliable tools and standards for measuring the properties of cells, biomaterials, scaffolds and tissue-engineered constructs. As regenerative medicine moves from a research …

    Dental Materials Project—Our goal is to enable the development and manufacturing of biomaterials for oral health moving forward in 21st century by providing critical measurement methods and reference materials. Our …

    Non-Linear Optical Imaging—The traditional chemical labeling used in optical microscopy can alter cells and materials, thus impeding determination of their true structure, function and response. We are developing broadband …

    Bioimaging—Our goal is to develop methods and materials for imaging-based characterization of molecular signatures that occur during cellular proliferation, differentiation and internalization, in order to …

    Protein Preservation—Our goal is to address critical measurement issues that exist regarding chemical and physical stability of biomacromolecules (proteins and DNA) in hydrophilic, hydrogen-bonding glasses such as …


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