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Kirsten Parratt (Fed)

Biomedical Engineer


Kirsten Parratt, PhD is a Biomedical Engineer in the Biomaterials Group.

Microbial cell characterization work: Kirsten leads flow cytometry efforts related to the quantitation and characterization of microbial cells in support of Rapid Microbial Testing Methods for advanced therapy products and whole cell microbial reference material development (including the new Whole Gut Microbiome RM). 

Data and metadata work: Kirsten co-leads projects on data standards development (ASTM WK83732) and research data management (electronic lab notebook, data repository) for Microbial Metrology. She is also a member of the ISAC Data Committee with a focus on Standards and Metadata.

Previous work: Kirsten was a NIST-NRC Postdoctoral Research Associate mentored by Nancy J. Lin. The goal of her NRC work was to develop quantitative measurements of adherent microbial communities and biofilm-material interactions. Her graduate dissertation research under Krish Roy focused on using flow cytometry as a high-throughput platform to assay microfabricated biomaterials for stem cell differentiation studies and detection applications.


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Report on the DHS/NIST Workshop on Standards for an Enduring Capability in Wastewater Surveillance for Public Health (SWWS Workshop)

Nancy Lin, Stephanie Servetas, Scott Jackson, Katrice Lippa, Kirsten Parratt, Philip Mattson, Clare Beahn, Mia Mattioli, Sally Gutierrez, Michael Focazio, Ted Smith, Paul Storella, Sarah Wright
Wastewater surveillance is a promising approach to monitor biological and chemical contaminants on a community level in support of public health and safety
Created May 7, 2019, Updated March 19, 2024