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Kirsten Parratt

NRC Postdoctoral Research Associate


Kirsten Parratt is a NIST-NRC Postdoctoral Research Associate working with her mentor, Nancy J. Lin, in the Biomaterials Group. The goal of her work at NIST is to develop quantitative measurements of adherent microbial communities and biofilm-material interactions. Her dissertation research focused on using flow cytometry as a high-throughput and high replicate platform to assay microfabricated biomaterials for stem cell differentiation studies and detection applications.

Research interests:

  • Biomaterials and medical devices
  • Quantification of microbial biofilms
  • Biofilm-material interactions, cell-material interactions
  • Flow cytometry


  • Parratt, K.; Jeong, J.; Qiu, P.; Roy, K. 3D Material Cytometry (3DMaC): A Very High-replicate, High-throughput Analytical Method using Microfabricated, Shape-specific, Cell-material Niches. Lab on a Chip, 2017, 17, 2861-2872.
  • Parratt, K.; Smerchansky, M.; Stiggers, Q.; Roy, K. Effect of Hydrogel Material Composition on hBMSC Differentiation into Zone-specific Neo-cartilage: Engineering Human Articular Cartilage with Spatially Varying Properties. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2017, 5, 6237-6248.
  • Dwarshuis, N.; Parratt, K.; Santiago-Miranda, A.; Roy, K. Cells as Advanced Therapeutics: State-of-the-art, Challenges, and Opportunities in Large Scale Biomanufacturing of High-Quality Cells for Adoptive Immunotherapies. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 2017, 114, 222-239.
Created May 7, 2019, Updated October 2, 2019