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Alshae Logan (Fed)


Alshae’ Logan-Jackson is a Microbiologist in the Biomaterials Group within the Biosystems and Biomaterials Division of the Materials and Measurement Laboratory (MML). She joined the Biomaterials group in 2022. Alshae’s primary research focus is to address measurement challenges in the Wastewater Surveillance workflow by developing a measurement assurance material that will enable confidence in sample processing and detection steps. Alshae’ is currently focused on the laboratory testing method challenges of the wastewater surveillance workflow.

Alshae’s post-doc research focused on understanding how pathogenic bacteria thrive in the plumbing systems of residential buildings. Alshae’ focused on the plumbing systems in the Net-Zero Energy Residential Test Facility on the Gaithersburg campus as well as a water heater laboratory in the NIST Engineering Laboratory. In this research, Alshae’ used molecular techniques to characterize the microbes in the plumbing systems.

Alshae’ received her Doctoral degree from Michigan State University. Alshae’s doctoral research focused on understanding the ecology and occurrence of pathogenic species of Legionella in drinking water supply systems. In her graduate studies she enumerated and characterized five disease-relevant Legionella species from large research and educational buildings. She applied molecular biology to determine the occurrence and concentration of pathogenic Legionella species from source to use, including taps and other exposure sites.


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Created January 6, 2021, Updated April 10, 2023