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Three-dimensional, label-free cell viability measurements in tissue engineering scaffolds using optical coherence tomography

March 14, 2023
Greta Babakhanova, Anant Agrawal, Deepika Arora, Allison Horenberg, Jagat Budhathoki, Joy Dunkers, Joe Chalfoun, Peter Bajcsy, Carl Simon Jr.
In the field of tissue engineering, 3D scaffolds and cells are often combined to yield constructs that are used as therapeutics to repair or restore tissue function in patients. Viable cells are required to achieve the intended mechanism of action for the

Sensor Technologies for Quality Control in Engineered Tissue Manufacturing

October 27, 2022
Mary Clare McCorry, Marcie Black, Chrysanthi Williams, Greta Babakhanova, Sumona Sarkar, Nathan Swami, Katherine A. Mirica, Sarah Boermeester, Abbie Underhill
The use of engineered cells, tissues, and organs has the opportunity to change the way injuries and diseases are treated. Commercialization of these groundbreaking technologies has been limited in part by the complex and costly nature of their manufacture

Quantitative Determination of Cell Viability Using Absorbance Microscopy

January 19, 2022
Greta Babakhanova, Stephen Zimmerman, Laura Pierce, Sumona Sarkar, Nicholas Schaub, Carl Simon Jr.
Cell viability is an essential measurement for cell therapy products. One of the most common tests is Trypan blue (TB) dye exclusion where blue-stained cells are counted via imaging. Typically, live and dead cells are counted based on pixel intensities of

AbsorbanceQ: An App for Generating Absorbance Images from Brightfield Images

January 4, 2022
Stephen Zimmerman, Carl Simon Jr., Greta Babakhanova
The AbsorbanceQ app converts brightfield microscope images into absorbance images that can be analyzed and compared across different operators, microscopes and time. Absorbance-based measurements are comparable, which is useful when the aim is to

Tissue Engineering Measurands

August 26, 2020
Greta Babakhanova, Carl Simon Jr., Deepika Arora
A measurand is defined as the quantity that one intends to measure. As tissue engineering research translates into medical products, companies must prepare regulatory filings that contain many different types of measurement data that are collected about