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Robert N Goldberg (Assoc)

Robert N. Goldberg received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry (adviser: Professor Loren G. Hepler) for thermodynamic studies on heavy water and inorganic thermochemistry. He also completed a post-doctoral fellowship (adviser: Professor Henry S. Frank) which involved computer simulations of liquid junction potentials aimed at the determination of single-ion activities. In 1969, he joined the thermochemistry section of NIST (then the National Bureau of Standards). While at NIST he has done extensive research on a variety of topics which include calorimetry, thermodynamics of electrolyte and non‑electrolyte solutions, the evaluation of physical and chemical property data, and biochemical thermodynamics. The latter topic has been the major focus of his research. This effort has resulted in the determination of the thermodynamic properties for a large number of enzyme-catalyzed reactions – including a substantial number of the most important reactions pertinent to biochemistry and physiology as well as reactions that are of major industrial interest.

The biochemical studies involve the combined use of equilibrium and calorimetric measurements coupled with thermodynamic modeling calculations. The information obtained allows for the prediction of the position of equilibrium of the studied reaction(s) over wide ranges of temperature, pH, pMg (pMg =-log­10[Mg2+]), and ionic strength. Recent research has included studies of biochemical reactions in non-aqueous solvents, redox reactions, reactions in the shikimate and chorismate pathways. Codes for performing equilibrium calculations on systems of biochemical reactions have also been developed and published. These codes can be downloaded from the web: or

The entire subject of thermodynamics of enzyme-catalyzed reactions has been surveyed, the data extracted, and made available on the web:

At NIST, Dr. Goldberg also served as Group Leader for Bioprocess Engineering and as Acting Chief of the Biochemical Science Division.


Memberships and Awards

Titular member of IUPAC Commission on Thermodynamics (1993-1995).

Vice‑chairman and Secretary of IUPAC Commission on Biophysical Chemistry (1995-2001).

Member of the IUBMB‑IUPAC Panel on Biochemical Thermodynamics (1992-1994; 2006 to present).

IUPAC Fellow (2003).

Member of the evaluation panel for the geochemistry program of the Office of Basic Energy Sciences of the U.S. Department of Energy (1994).

Member of ASTM Committee E‑48 on Biotechnology (1993 to present).

Member of BioEnergy Coordinating Committee of the U.S. Department of Energy (1994-1998).

Member of Editorial Advisory Board of the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (1995 to present).

Member of the Metabolic Engineering Interagency Working Group of the National Science Foundation(2007 to present).

Measurement Services Award of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (1995).


Representative Publications

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M.V. Rekharsky, R.N. Goldberg, F.P. Schwarz, Y.B. Tewari, P.D. Ross, Y. Yamashoji, and Y. Inoue, "Thermodynamic and nuclear magnetic resonance study of the interactions of a‑ and b‑cyclodextrin with model substances: Phenethylamine, ephedrines, and related substances," J. Am. Chem. Soc. 117, 8830‑8840 (1995).

P. Kast, Y.B. Tewari, O. Wiest, D. Hilvert, K.N. Houk, and R.N. Goldberg, "Thermodynamics of the conversion of chorismate to prephenate: Experimental results and theoretical predictions," J. Phys. Chem. B101, 10976‑10982 (1997).

D.L. Akers and R.N. Goldberg, "BioEqCalc: A package for performing equilibrium calculations on biochemical reactions," Mathematica J.8, 86-113 (2001).

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Enzyme-catalyzed Reactions

Robert N. Goldberg
The thermodynamic principles that pertain to both chemical and overall biochemical reactions are discussed with particular emphasis on enzyme-catalyzed

A thermodynamic investigation of the cellulose allomorphs: cellulose(am), cellulose I¿(cr), cellulose II(cr), and cellulose III(cr)

Robert N. Goldberg, Jacob Schliesser, Ashutosh Mittal, Stephen R. Decker, Ana Filipa L. Santos, Vera L. Freitas, Aaron A. Urbas, Brian E. Lang, Christian Heisse, Maria D. Ribeiro da Silva, Brian F. Woodfield, Rui Katahira, Wei Wang, David K. Johnson
The thermochemistry of samples of amorphous cellulose, cellulose I, cellulose II, and cellulose III was studied by using oxygen bomb calorimetry, solution

Standards in Biothermodynamics

Robert N. Goldberg
The field of biothermodynamics encompasses physical property measurements on biochemical and biological systems. This chapter reviews the status of standards

Thermochemistry of alpha-D-xylose(cr)

Robert N. Goldberg, Manuel A. Ribeiro da Silva, Maria D. Ribeiro da Silva, Ana I. Lobo Ferreira, Quan Shi, Brian F. Woodfield
The thermochemistry of alpha-D-xylose(cr) was studied by means of oxygen bomb calorimetry and a Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS) in zero magnetic
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