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Svetlana Ikonomova (Fed)

Svetlana Ikonomova is research scientist in the Cellular Engineering Group at NIST. Her current focus is on large-scale measurements of genotype-phenotype landscapes in bacteria and yeast. 

Svetlana has used her protein engineering background to engineer and study targets of different sizes. She first joined NIST as part of Biomolecular Structure and Function Group, where she engineered a protein to enhance its binding affinity to N-terminal amino acid for use in next-generation protein sequencing platform. Before joining NIST, Svetlana studied the assembly mechanism of bacterial microcompartments in Salmonella enterica as a postdoctoral fellow at Northwestern University. During her graduate studies, she used rational design on antifungal peptide to improve its antifungal activity and increase its proteolytic resistance against proteases secreted by Candida albicans.


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Created July 29, 2021, Updated June 5, 2024