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Vytas Reipa

Research Interests:

-Silicon nanocrystals, Nanotoxicity, Porous Semiconductors
-Biospectroscopy and Bioelectrochemistry

Memberships and Committees:

The Electrochemical Society
American Chemical Society

Selected Publications:

1. Reipa, V., Mayhew, M.P., and Vilker, V.L., "A direct electrode-driven P450 cycle for biocatalysis", Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, V.94, 1997, p.13554.

2. Wang L, Reipa V, Blasic J. "Silicon nanoparticles as a luminescent label to DNA" Bioconjugate Chemistry, 15, 2004, p. 409-412.

3. Reipa, V., Niaura, G., and Atha, D. "Conformational Analysis of the Telomerase RNA Pseudoknot Hairpin by Raman Spectroscopy" RNA, 2007 Jan;13(1):108-15.

4. Choi, J. H., Wang, N. S., and Reipa, V. "Photo-Assisted Tuning of Si Nano-Crystal Photoluminescence" Langmuir, 2007, 23, 3388-3394.

5. Reipa, V., Holden, M., and Vilker, V. "Association and Redox Properties of the Putidaredoxin Reductase-Oxidized Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Complex", Biochemistry, 2007, 46, 13235-13244.

6. Choi, J. H., Wang, N. S., and Reipa, V. "Conjugation of the Photoluminescent Silicon Nanoparticles to Streptavidin", Bioconjugate Chemistry, 2008, 19, 680-685.

7. Rossi, A. M., Murphy, T. E., and Reipa, V. "Ultraviolet Photoluminescence from 6H Silicon Carbide Nanoparticles", Applied Physics Letters, 2008, 92, 253112.

8. Choi, J. H., Wang, N. S., and Reipa, V.,"Electrochemical Reduction Synthesis of Silicon Nanocrystals", Langmuir, in press.


Agglomeration of Escherichia coli with positively charged nanoparticles can lead to artifacts in a standard Caenorhabditis elegans toxicity assay

Shannon Hanna, Antonio R. Montoro Bustos, Alexander W. Peterson, Vytautas Reipa, Leona D. Scanlan, Sanem Hosbas Coskun, Tae Joon Cho, Monique E. Johnson, Vincent A. Hackley, Bryant C. Nelson, Michael R. Winchester, John T. Elliott, Elijah J. Petersen
The increased use and incorporation of engineered nanoparticles (ENPs) in consumer products requires a robust assessment of their potential environmental

Controlled Potential Electrooxidation of Genomic DNA

Vytautas Reipa, Donald H. Atha, Sanem Hosbas Coskun, Christopher M. Sims, Bryant C. Nelson
Exposure of mammalian cells to oxidative stress can result in DNA damage that adversely affects many cell processes. We used bulk electrolysis in an

Redox-active Nanomaterials for Nanomedicine Applications

Christopher M. Sims, Shannon Hanna, Daniel A. Heller, Christopher Horoszko, Monique E. Johnson, Antonio R. Montoro Bustos, Vytautas Reipa, Kathryn Riley, Bryant C. Nelson
Nanomedicine utilizes the remarkable properties of nanomaterials for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Many of these nanomaterials have been
Created April 7, 2019